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Diversity concept:
Workforce diversity means similarities and differences among employees in terms of age, cultural background, physical abilities and disabilities, race, religion, gender, and sexual orientation. No two humans are alike. People are different in not only gender, culture, race, social and psychological characteristics but also in their perspectives and prejudices. Society had discriminated on these aspects for centuries. Diversity makes the work force heterogeneous. In current scenario, employing diversified workforce is a necessity for every organization but to manage such diversified workforce is also a big challenge for management. This paper critically analyses the workforce diversity and its impact on productivity of an organization. The researcher after examining the literature and various research papers, concluded that workforce diversity is strength for any organization but people still stick to their views related to caste, religion etc and so consider diversity as a problem but if managed properly, can increase the productivity.

Diversity policy of ABR Sweaters Industries Limited
ABR Sweaters Industries Limited committed to diversity very hardly. The company always respects individuals and values their differences. Although the company has 52 office staffs they has very few female employee, they get special opportunity in work place. ABR Sweaters Industries Limited has also many senior employees they also get opportunity. The leadership doesn’t tolerate any racial, ethnic, and gender based jokes in the work place. They provide an environment for the free and open expression of ideas, opinions and beliefs for the employees. The company uses different types of diversify workforce.

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Aged base workforce:
ABR Sweaters Industries Limited uses different groups for aged employees and junior employees. The company has policy to give opportunity to elder employees. Every member of the organization gives respect to the senior employees. The employees also get many benefits from the organization.

Gender based workforce:
ABR Sweaters Industries Limited always shows importance to the female employees through their actions. No racial, ethnic, and gender based jokes are tolerate in the company. If anyone breaks the rules they get very hard punishment. The company has a very strikes policy of gender based diversity. The female employees work very safely in the organizations. They also get extra opportunities for any types of problem. They get extra leave for any types of health issue like pregnancy. The company also provides different working area for the female employee. When female employees work in a group with male employees they always get respect from them. And ABR Sweaters Industries Limited also provides same importance of their ideas in decision making purpose. Every female employees of ABR Sweaters Industries Limited are highly satisfied for the company’s gender based diversity policy.

Diversity based on capability of employees:
ABR Sweaters Industries Limited always takes extra care for their expert and highly qualified employees. They always give extra opportunity for their qualified employees. They diversify workforce for expert employees and newly joined employees they always give extra advantages to the highly qualified employees.
Advantages and Disadvantages of Diversity management in ABR Sweaters Industries:
High level of Productivity: Increasing productivity at the workplace has been one of the major challenges for managers and leaders and to ABR Sweaters Industries Limited. Due to the fact that ABR Sweaters Industries Limited has its own unique company structure and objectives, different strategies may be used to challenge or address the company in order to increase productivity. One of those strategies involves adopting workplace diversity and managing it effectively. When management takes the welfare of its workers at heart by means of offering
the employees proper compensation, health care and employee appraisal, It enables workers to feels they belong to the company irrespective of their cultural background by remaining loyal and hardworking which helps to increase the company’s productivity and profit.

High Cost of Diversity Management: To increase job satisfaction, workplace diversity management could sometimes be very costly for ABR Sweaters Industries Limited, when ABR Sweaters Industries limited to effectively manage the diverse workforce, it undergoes a mandatory diversity training during which supervisors, employees, and managers receive lessons on the best way to interact with employees and clients. In recent times, there are lots of Diversity management program available where ABR Sweaters Industries Limited could choose from, taking into account the size of the company and it’s employees. Some training programs require a high travelling and participation cost.

Statement of the problem
Diversified workforce is the latest and current trend in every organization today. Moreover, the major concerned for every organization is to improve its productivity because organizations are economic activity and can only survive by competing in this cutthroat competitive world by increasing their profits. Due to the diversified workforce in some or the other way, people are facing lot many problems at the workplace. As if the diversified workforce may experience less co-operations from some of their colleagues but to achieve the organizational goals each member must be effective in terms of its functioning in the particular department. However, firing is not the solution. . The main consent of this research is to examine critically the impact of workforce diversity on the productivity of the organization from previous researches. A second contribution of this chapter is to suggest the ways to manage the diversified workforce in such a way that people can easily work with the diversified workforce and can bring quality results altogether.

Different perception and
Caste and Religion
Workforce Diversity

Diversity training of ABR Sweaters Industries Limited:
ABR Sweaters Industries Limited has done a very good job providing training programs to multicultural understanding for new joined employees. The company trained every employee separately how to behave in organization. And about the roles and policy of diversity in work place.

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