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Do you ever wonder if the drug trade and drug use in america is ever going to stop ? Drugs have been a really big problem in America the drug  War and drug trade has been going on for many years, Drugs being imported from different other countries Or being produced by the government in the United States. Killing hundreds of thousands of people every year and costing America millions of  dollars. The drug trade is also a big problem causing violent crimes in neighborhoods affecting the people living there and the  youth coming up ,It also increases the amount of organized crime and drug dealers among the neighborhoods of lower income “America’s current drug war creates millions of victims while benefiting few. It argues that the billion-dollar war has failed to stop the production, importation, or abusive use of drugs while it has diverted attention from the control of tobacco and alcohol abuse, the most destructive drugs”. Trebach, Arnold S. (“The Great Drug War, and Radical Proposals That Could Make America Safe Again.” (1987): 305-06.)     The drug trade started in the late 19th and early 20th century When Chinese immigrants introduced opium poppies to Sinaloa State of Mexico they begin to feed an unregulated U.S Market where you could literally buy heroin anywhere and drink Coca-Cola that actually contained cocaine during the early 1800s and 1900s these drugs became linked to violence and the government wanted to put a stop to it which lead to these drugs being highly enforced . THese drugs being Highly enforced lead to he smuggling and the price of the drugs to increase which made more profit “Drugs first surfaced in the United States in the 1800’s.  “Opium became very popular after the American Civil War.  Cocaine followed in the 1880’s.  Coca was popularly used in health drinks and remedies.  Morphine was discovered in 1906 and used for medicinal purposes.  Heroin was used to treat respiratory illness, cocaine was used in Coca-Cola, and morphine was regularly prescribed by doctors as a pain reliever” (McWilliams, John C.  1990.  The Protectors: Harry J. Anslinger and the Federal Bureau Of Narcotics, 1930-1962.  Newark: University of Delaware Press. )    In the 1960s Cocaine became very popular and the main import for that drug was colombia ,the drug was smuggled through miami florida and spread throughout the united states  

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