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Do you have a rusty iron door that you need to improve? This is a prevalent problem in this type of entries, even in those that have been expressly made with an oxidized appearance as a decorative style, since when being outside they continue to oxidize more than necessary and in areas that can damage the structure.If you have this problem, do not lose any detail of the tips to repair a rusty iron door that we present in this article of a company to perform this task in a few easy steps, without having to be a DIY expert. With the right advice and materials, as well as patience and good humor, you’ll achieve everything you set out to do.Steps to follow:1Once you have gathered all the materials specified above you can begin to repair the rusted iron door. Begin by sanding the surface of your iron door making circles with coarse sandpaper and finish the task with a finer one.The metal sandpaper is usually black on the sanding side and blue on the back side. To know how to choose the sandpaper according to its thickness, bear in mind that the lower numbering indicates coarse sandpaper and the high estimate suggests a fine sandpaper.If even with the sandpaper is difficult for the rust to go well you can buy individual products to treat rust on iron surfaces, which you will find in DIY stores and home maintenance. Follow the guidance on the package or those that show you at the store to use it correctly.When you have done this, you will be able to clean your door thoroughly until the last remaining rust and dirt are removed. Once clean, now you can apply the varnish for metal with a foam roller since using this particular type of roller will avoid the regular brushings that are marked and disfigure the surface of the door. One tip is to start by varnishing the door and then the frame to achieve a much more professional result.It is better to start by varnishing the door and once it is dry do the frames, if you did it backward and did not wait for the shells to dry completely you would surely leave marks on them unintentionally.Finally, to finish repairing a rusted iron door, you will have to remove the sealing of the iron door and put a new one with the adhesive putty. Make this step with the help of a chisel, cleaning the remains of grit and applying the new putty. To apply it follow the instructions on the package and then allow the product to dry before starting to use the door again.As we engaged at the beginning of our article, it is a much easier task to perform than you initially imagined, so take note of all our advice and encourage yourself to repair your old rusted iron door. A job that is available to any person, and best of all, very economical.

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