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Driver fatigue is a high risk factor of road crash. Any
crashes that is caused by fatigue such as falling a sleep when driving is
considered as a fatigue-related crash. A study showed that commercial male
truck drivers with less experience have a higher exposure of fatigue-related
crash. It is due to a high-risk job and have to drive more often and longer on
the road. It is also due to more often to engage risky behaviour like excess
speeding and over-loading. Truck drivers that are driving in poor roadway
geometric design such as, sharp horizontal curves, absence of tunnels and
bridges, steep grades, etc are more prone to fatigue-related crash. Driving
over these poor roadway geometric will make drivers to use more energy which
will exhaust them more quickly. In longer run, drivers will feel fatigued and
insensitive to emergency condition. However, a study also showed that
fatigue-related crash sometimes happened on unchallenging, straight road
section, and monotonous environment where drivers can become unaware. This
event happened because the drivers will gradually fall asleep or get distracted
and then lose necessary arousal to potential driving risk. Among environmental,
instead of the day time, overnight and early morning (12 midnight to 6am) are
the periods of highest risk. This is due to driver should be in bed rather than
in the motor vehicle. Night time driving has also been associated with drinking
alcohol and listening to music which can lower the driver performance or
distract his/her attention easily. For truck drivers, bad weather and poor
visibility has been associated to fatigue-related crash, mostly it is due to
the need of trucks to break safely in longer distance on slippery roads.

However, these events tends to crash in lower severity levels due to more
cautious and slower speed of the drivers. (Chen, C. et Zhang, J., 2016)

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