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Drunk and driving is a
serious issue that take thousands of deaths every year. A death from drunk
driving does not only affect the victim but everyone around it like family and
friends. Every 90 seconds someone is got injured by drunk driving.  Our team is Humber Hawks and we are going to
hold drink and driving awareness event in Ignite at Humber College north campus
which is located at 205 Humber College Blvd. Every day, on average, 4 people
are killed and 175 are injured in crashes. Around 1500 people are killed
annually and more than 63000 people are injured according to the
The main objective of this event is to spread awareness among college students
and to reduce the numbers of death and road accidents happen because of the
consumption of alcohol. According to the
, youngster from the age of 20 to 24 are the most affected group in drink and
driving cases. So we have to motivate youngster and students to stay away from
drinking because youth is the future of the country.

Most affected gender in accidents

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In recent times, it has been witnessed that men spend
their more time on roads. So, men are still at a higher risk for driving drunk
than women. As stated in, it is
cleared that men always outweigh women. In 2008, the death rate of males were
13,022 as compared to female only 5,239. Hers, the latest report of 2016 shows
the male death average was 12,422 and female was 5,107. When a woman gets
behind the wheel drunk, she puts herself at greater risk than if a man were to
drive with the same blood alcohol content. While men, who spend more time on
the road, are still statistically more likely to be involved in a fatal car accident,
the difference between fatalities for men and women has narrowed significantly
over the past several years.

Permission from college

We are holding the event on 15 December in Ignite
center at Humber College. The duration of the event will be 10 a.m. to 12 p.m.
Inspector Ian Stratford from division 23, Humber Ignite head Lawrence and Dr.
Ian Stratton from Addiction Rehab center are coming as guests. As we are
holding the event in the college we have to get permission from the college authority.
For this, we have to send an email to Lawrence Horowtiz (he is the head of
ignite at Humber college) with explaining all details about that event as well
as we can ask about that things which we need for the event. So, they can think
about our event and give us permission. First we will introduce
the guests to the audience and then there will be a presentation by the guests.
Snacks and drinks in the end. Moreover, ignite can help us to promote our


Wastage of money

As stated in, more
than $132 billion each year is wasted in Drunk Driving. EMS at crash scenes,
guardrails and road signs are just a few things that are funded by tax dollars.
According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration the public
saves $3 to 7 dollars for every $1 spent on ignition interlock devices for
drunk driving offenders. In addition, ignition interlocks have been shown to
reduce recidivism on average by 64%. While specifically passed on to the guilty
party, a huge bit of the expenses are regularly in a roundabout way passed on
to the general purchaser through incremental premium increments.

Coverage by insurance companies

Under the disability insurance, there is a life
insurance which insures to provide the money if there is any serious injury
during the accidents. Under this mission they mostly deny to pay as it make
them lead to losses. So under Medical Payment Coverage, it covers the medical
expense of the passengers. According to
the common coverage limits per person per accident are from $1000 to $25000.
But to purchase the medical payment coverage one need to have the Liability
Insurance. In this way the insurance companies help to pay some money to the
injured people in the accidents.

Arrangements of Equipment?

For equipment, there is a company named, D & D
Party Rentals, which will provide some good and basic materials i.e. Chairs &
Tables, Stage, Speakers for the event at very effective cost. This company is
known for his trusted service and experience in special events. They will
always treat all event like one of our own. With the help of them, we are going
to get a wide range of equipment to create successful and memorable.

How to promote an event?

Nowadays there are too many ways to promote an event
for like Posters, social media, television advertisements, online advertisement
etc. But today, online advertisements and promotion with social media are much
popular. We are promoting our event with the help of social media and posters.
We will create a Facebook page about the event, also post it on Instagram,
sharing pictures of speakers with quote.

Overlays, creating one unified hashtag for use across
all social channels, using photos of attendees in social updates, mentioning
the event in a podcast and using posters. These ideas are perfect for us
because these are not much expensive so we can afford that much money.


Rehab-center efforts

The rehab center is serving to the people for many
years deals with all kinds of have situations. The rehab center focuses on
alcohol addiction, cocaine addiction and heroin addiction, life skill trainings
and many more. The rehab center can fix his or her life if they have addiction
of any type of drug or alcohol or if she or if he or any mental illness or has
fallen down and hurt themselves. The rehab center has training for all
situations. It offer occupational therapy and physical therapy for a quick
recovery. Talking about rehab-centers in Toronto, we have a lot of drug
addiction centers. Some examples are at www., here
we find a rehab-center that provides treatment and rehab facilities and a safe
environment for alcohol addiction. With
over 100 years of combined addiction recovery experience, this center provide good service and support all their patients through
the addiction recovery process.

Harmful effects of drinking

As reported by
consuming redundant amount of drinking can affect our brain, heart, liver,
pancreas, immune system too badly. Drinking excessively liquor can expand your
danger of building up specific tumors, including malignancies of the:


Ø  Mouth

Ø  Throat

Ø  Liver

Ø  Bosom



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