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Dubai and shopping are synonymous; as there is nothing that you can resist buying here, whether it is gold, electronics or textile. Today let us take a stroll through the eminent destination- The Al Fahidi Street for electronics and textile shopping.The area around the eastern end of Al Fahidi Street and neighboring Al Hisn Street is often loosely referred to as Meena Bazaar whichAl Fahidi Street, located at Bur Dubai, can be accessed through the abras or water taxis. This is a bazaar with various sorts of shops selling electronic gadgets, Indian clothing, jewelry, and fancy accessories. Just like in the souks, you can try out your bargaining skills here and get the lowest price. When visiting this shopping venue, be cautious of vendors selling fake items especially fake watches.Dubai is an urbanized arena of electronic malls and shops. If you are an electro-freak and luckily in Dubai these days; then I must insist here, that Al Fahidi Street is your best stop. Al-Fahidi Street is occupied with copious electronic shops that offers cheaper electronics. If you are seeking to buy laptops, computers, cameras, washing machines, refrigerators, ovens, kitchen appliances or general electronic gadgets for personal use; then Al-Fahidi Street is the right place to go to. You may find your favorite items here at the best market prices with international warranty.Let me give you a tip, if you are thinking of carrying some of this stuff back to your home country, do not forget to ask for an international warranty card. Also, a lot of stuff that you see here might not be genuine. Take a call accordingly.Not only does, the baazar have a varied electronic collection at an economical rate, but it also houses diverse shops for textiles and apparels. You can roam around the streets of this market exploring the various shops selling everything from Indian clothing, shoes, and jewelry to other fashion-related accessories.This bustling lane, transforms into a busy night market complete with neon signs and night shoppers when the sun goes down.You can linger around the streets until dark to enjoy the dazzling signs that makes you feel like you’re in Las Vegas.The shops here are open on all days from 10:00am to 12.00 am and on Fridays from 4.00pm to 12 am.Because they have too much to inspire you, with their unbelievable offers and astound display of technological advancements in the electronic world and diverse styles and fashion in the textiles. So, while wandering around Dubai, don’t forget to trace this awesome place to grab your favorite goodies!And yes, I’ll be waiting for you, to take you through our next destination.

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