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During the Holocaust in 1939-1945, many innocent people lost their lives as scapegoats due to Germany’s economic crisis. Adolf Hitler, the chancellor of Germany, rose to power and blamed Jews for Germany’s crisis. During this time, many Jews, homosexuals, and many more people were accused of causing both natural and political catastrophes that led them to being brutally murdered. Without human rights, many more people would have suffered the inhumane acts that the Jews received during the Holocaust. During the Holocaust, Jews had many human rights that were violated by the Nazis. In the “Discriminatory Decrees Against the Jews”(doc. #4), they were discriminated and were not treated equally. Many laws were passed that discriminated Jews such as access to certain parts of the city and could not even have jobs this made the Jews poor and thought of as bad people. Another good point stated in “Testimonies of SS-Men* from Various Camps”(doc #6)was how many Jews were gassed in chambers and killed. This meant that they had lost their freedom to live. They were also tortured and received cruel punishments. In “Life in the Warsaw Ghetto,”(doc #2) Jews were confined in Ghettos and were forced to live on 10% of normal requirements of food. To the Jews, it was probably like torture so they had lost their general freedom and freedom from torture and degrading treatment. These human rights were violated just only to benefit Adolf Hitler and his hate for Jewish people. There were also many senseless reasons that the Nazis killed Jews and violated these human rights. They blamed Jews for making too much money, leading Germany to go into an economical crisis. So in order to stop this, during the night of broken glass(Kristallnacht Order, doc #1), they violated human rights by burning Jewish houses, shops, and stores so that they could later loot them. On top of that, they excluded Jews from having many different types of jobs as stated in the “Discriminatory Decrees Against the Jews”(doc#4). This obviously made the Jews significantly more poor.   In the Warsaw Ghetto(Doc#2), they made people starve as they gave them very little food and made them stand as punishments. They did not want Jews to live so they killed them by either starving them or worked them to death. Since Judaism was the religion or belief that was blamed, they did not want or even allow for people to practice this. So they decided to burn down synagogues and ban everybody of Jewish descent in Germany during Kristallnacht(doc#1). This prevented Jews from practicing the beliefs of Judaism. This was all so that Adolf Hitler could see Jews suffer. International, the reaction was very serious since many mass killings and graves were made. In the Declaration of Human Rights(doc#9), they never ever wanted to let people suffer the same heinous acts that were done to people during the Holocaust. In order to stop this, the U.N(United Nations) made a declaration promising to never violate a certain set of human rights(doc#9). This was very important so that human rights could never be violated because nobody would want to live with violated rights. Another good point in the declaration(doc#9) was, we pledge to reaffirm the fundamental human rights that include treating all men and women equally and promoting social progress for better standards of life to achieve larger freedom. This meant that discrimination was against a human right and treating people fairly was mandatory. This could create less hate toward certain kinds of people.  The UN also stated that they want to let people enjoy freedom of belief and religion from fear(doc#9). This allowed everybody to believe in whatever they wanted to without getting criticized or harmed. It was crucial to make this rule because that was the main reason why the Holocaust even started.  This was necessary so that a violation of human rights as brutal as the Holocaust would never happen ever again. WWII was a harsh and dangerous time when inhumane acts were committed against Jews and other people who ended up being brutally murdered. Without human rights, many more people would have suffered the same inhumane acts that Jews received during the Holocaust. The Holocaust has taught people that humans should not hate one another. The Holocaust started because of words not death so the theme is to prevent hate that leads to catastrophic events. This compares humans to violent apes that are primate ancestors were and is absolutely not okay. It teaches us that we should love and not hate people no matter their religion or ethnicity.  

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