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During my involvement I was aware the family had been dealing with other social workers involved in assessments and the proceedings which led to BS7 being Looked After Child, therefore my role during each meeting and assessment was conducted in an anti-oppressive manner by having an awareness of the power imbalance between myself and ‘SUS’.

I conducted meetings and observations with respect however, when sharing information, I worked in collaboration with other professionals ensuring social work values and part of Working Together to Safeguard Children (2018) to ascertain if the family were engaging with the Child Protection (The Children Act 1989) Policy and BS7 was not being neglected or at risk of significant harm.
A brief update of the scenario/case/family situation- were the aims achieved?
Since the initial involvement with Children’s Social Care the parents have been on a plan which identified issues and how these will be achieved and measured. The areas of intervention identified on the plan of summary are around;
• DV, better understanding of dv issues within their relationship and ensure safety
• Due to poor parenting experience to gain support into moving in their first home
• Provide BS7 consistent and safe contact with parents

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The interventions consisted of:-

• Both parents to attend weekly sessions and engage with programmes and support offered by Changing Lives/WISH DV Services
• Both parents to remain separated
• BS7’s father to seek anger management support
• Mum to engage in direct 1-2-1 sessions for parenting support
• Family support worker to visit and conduct a Graded Care Profile assessment
• Undergoing parental assessments
• Family are being assessed for alternative carers
• Attending Case Management Hearing at Family Court

How did you review the work that you did?
The desired outcomes will be measured through a variety of means, such as
Attendance and completed courses, observation from professionals, evidence of engagement, observations of parents of their understanding to meet their child’s emotional needs, professional opinion about the risks of domestic abuse in the relationship, there will be no police reports or evidence of domestic incidents occurring in the relationship and regular observations and visits to the parents to observe their management of conflict in their relationship. Many of the work involved assessments and observation notes that contributed to the outcomes.

What is the impact of the intervention on the service user?
• Both parents accept the support is required to ensure baby is safe and have a better future
• Both parents will undertake courses that will improve their relationships and have a better understanding of the impact on their child
• Ensure the skills being learnt can be maintained throughout their support and intervention from professionals to then move onto their future
• The impacts have been positive to ensuring regular contact with parents
• BS7 continues to receive care in a safe environment
What worked well? What made all the difference? Consider knowledge, skills, theory, values, relationships.

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