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During the Elizabethan Era, Queen Elizabeth was taught a broad spectrum of lessons, supported public theaters, and had many historical events happen after her death such as the fight between the Catholic and the Protestant Anglican churches and the Nine Years War. The education of Queen Elizabeth the first consisted of what is taught today, theology, rhetoric, philosophy and religious studies. Her governess, Kat Ashley, taught the alphabet and English grammar to young Elizabeth. Kat Ashley had also said Elizabeth’s love for learning allowed her to learn with ease and enthusiasm.  At age five, the princess was expected to learn foreign languages and other matters. Edward, Elizabeth’s brother, Lady Jane Grey and the sons of John Dudley all shared tutors that taught multiple subjects. For example, Jean Belmain and Richard Cox taught languages and William Grindal was Elizabeth’s personal tutor(Alchin). In 1564, William Shakespeare is born, leaving Elizabeth to be only just five years old. A few of Shakespeare’s play were seen by the queen, though most of his plays were written after the death of Queen Elizabeth. The Merry Wives of Windsor and Love’s Labor’s Lost were the only two plays recorded, that Elizabeth has visited. The only way this is known is due to a letter she had wrote stating “As it hath been divers times Acted by the right Honorable my Lord Chamberlaines servants. Both before her Majestie, and else-where.” The “Lord Chamberlaines servants” are meant to be Shakespeare’s acting group and “Her Majestie” is the Queen herself. The records for Love’s Labor’s Lost can be found in a document that states “A pleasant conceited comedie called, Loues labors lost. As it vvas presented before her Highness this last Christmas. Newly corrected and augmented by W. Shakespeare.” The first major event to happen before Elizabeth’s reign as queen on November 17, 1558 is the re-establishment of the Protestant Anglican church done by herself after the death of her sister, Mary I, that was the previous queen and Elizabeth was crowned as queen on January 13, 1559(Alchin). The only major event to happen after the rule of Elizabeth would be the Nine Years War. This war, happening between 1689 and 1697, was caused by the unbalance of power between two rival dynasties. England had gotten involved due William III of England marrying the daughter of James II in hopes to make England an active ally with the struggle against Louis XIV of France. This war would go on until 1697 with the Peace of Ryswick(Hiller). At the turn of seventeenth century, Queen Elizabeth had begun to show that Life was catching up to her. She was both emotionally and physically tired.  She said, “To be a king and wear a crown, is a thing more glorious to them that see it, than it is pleasant to them that bear it.” By this she means it is easier for someone to see another wear a crown than it is to do the duties that crown gives. What lead to her downfall as queen was the form of mental illness that she had been suffering for a few years. A contribution to her ending is the death of her love, Robert Devereux. During the winter of 1602/3, Elizabeth was feeling unwell and had caught a cold after walking out into the winter air. She would have fought against it but everyone around could tell  she had given up. Archbishop Whitgift was called in to the dying queen’s side and she clung tight to his hand. When speaking of the joys of Heaven, she contently squeezed the Archbishop’s hand. Only one problem was left for the dead Queen, the succession to the throne. Alchin, Linda. “Elizabethan Era.” ELIZABETHAN ERA, Alchin, Linda. “Education of Queen Elizabeth I.” Education of Queen Elizabeth I, Kdvorak. “Queen Elizabeth I.” Folger Shakespeare Library, 4 Jan. 2016, Hiller, J.K. “The Nine Years’ War, 1689-1697.” The Nine Years’ War, 1689-1697. N.p., 1998. Web. 25 Jan. 2018, “THE DEATH OF QUEEN ELIZABETH I.” N.p., n.d. Web. 26 Jan. 2018,

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