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            During the Modernist
error, to me there was a lot of loneliness and despair, but at times some love.
Before the Great Depression, the roaring 20’s was a booming time. Dancing and
booze and partying was the norm. Once the stock marker crashes so did the times.
The depression and war led to some of the stories that were written. It was an
important time and movement in American literature.

            The point is that Eliot
seems to have nostalgia for the medieval tradition linked with his interest in
modern life. In his poetry, Eliot combines both, concern with religious issues
(medieval theme) and a trend towards contemporary issues (modern theme). So as
critics observed, Eliot seeks some sort of “integration” between the
two aspects.

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             T.S Eliot on the other
hand, is known as an outstanding modernist poet, some critics argued that he
uses some traditional medieval techniques in his works. Those critics argued
that While T. S. Eliot might be called a medieval modernist because of his
admiration for the organic and spiritual community of the Middle Ages together
with his conception of art, his elitist and formalist views isolate him from
several of the central terms of the tradition as I have defined it. In other
words, some characteristics of Eliot’s work exhibit medieval themes and style;
at the same time, these works are also rooted in the modern orientation of
literature. That is why some critics called him a “medieval modernist”.

rejects the Transcendentalist notion that man is free to do what he wishes,
that human beings create their own destinies, that nothing is preordained, and
that man is in complete control of his own life, which wasn’t being done much
before Hemingway, especially during the chaos of the 1920’s. He also liked to
portray soldiers, hunters, bullfighters – tough, at times primitive people
whose courage and honesty are set against the brutal ways of modern society,
and who in this confrontation lose hope and faith. Ernest
Hemingway, aside from the fact that he was able to “create a
singular style that expressed his credo and theme, had only one tune to
play” (Barnes, 1), he was like a musician that only knew how to play a
couple chords, but that could find thousands of different ways of playing those

            A lot of authors in the Modernist Era wrote about their experiences.
Ernest Hemingway wrote about the War and how it affected him. He was also a
ladies man, and you could tell that by his four marriages. His characters seemed
to be searching for meaning in a chaotic, disorderly universe and feeling man
in an unfeeling universe.

story echoes the trials and tribulations that the author went through. The
depression hit him financially hard and his wife had her bouts with schizophrenia.
He along with other modernists authors described the hardships in their poems,
short stories or novels.

major obstacle in the way of Charlie receiving custody of Honoria is Marion and
Lincoln Peters. Marion Peters is the sister of Helen Wales, Charlies deceased
wife. Helen is holding a grudge against Charlie and blames Charlie for Helens
death as she loathes Frankly, from the night you did that terrible thing you haven’t
really existed for me. Charlie is practically in court in the Peters household.
After some persuasion and coaxing, Marion could see that Charlie was quite
sincere in his actions and decided he should get custody of Honoria.

has removed himself from Babylon and become more of a real man. He has become
more responsible, and now he is trying to prove himself to everyone around him
that he is worthy of this duty. The first sign of this was giving up custody of
Honoria because he knew that he could do nothing for her while he was in a
sanitarium. Once he was out of the sanitarium, he realized that he had a
drinking problem, so he decided to cut the drinking to one drink per day.
Charlie finally materialized the value of a dollar and realized investments in
stock weren’t stable, so he started a business in Prague to make stable money.
He even went to the extent of having his sister come live with him to help take
care of Honoria. Making all of these changes in his life is shows that he is
becoming a more positive person.

what some may believe, being the biological parent of a child has a lot of
value. Charlie Wales realized that his life wouldn’t be complete without his
daughter. He didn’t want to miss out on her childhood, which is the most
influential part of a person’s life. Honoria wants to live with her father and can’t
wait for the day when she will be able to. As she says, Daddy, I want to come
and live with you I love you better than anybody. And you love me better than
anybody, don’t you? I don’t think it would be right to take away the only
immediate family that Honoria has left. Everyone should have a sense of family
and be able to interact with their immediate family.

most cases, there is rarely a time when a man wants to take full responsibility
for his actions, especially when it comes to children. Charlie Wales is a man
that has turned away from his God given privilege to be a father. After
realizing what he has done, he makes a change in his life and wants to come
back and take care of his daughter. I believe even though Charlie Wales lived
an unpredictable lifestyle at one point, he should still be able to raise his

The themes of love and loneliness are portrayed through character
development and symbolism. “Babylon Revisited” by F. Scott Fitzgerald
is a perfect example of how the theme of the story is created through symbols.
One father who made some mistakes in his past that cost him his wife and
daughter is now coming back to patch things up. His life went down the tubes
with the Wall Street Crash of 1929 and paralleled the Great Depression. F.S Fitzgerald
recanted he struggles throughout the story “Babylon Revisited”.  In this story, there is a man named Charlie
Wales that has come to regain the custody of his daughter Honoria, and the big
question is should he get it?

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