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During the American
Gilded Age in 1877, Chief Joseph of the Nez Perce Indians, led his people on a
1,770-mile trek from their homes in Oregon and Idaho through the Far West. This
in response to the heading The Transformation of the West. In 1805, Indians were
trying to escape to Canada after fights with settlers who had encroached in
tribal lands in Oregon and Idaho. After four months, Howard made the Indians to
capitulate, and they were removed to Oklahoma. Two years after the march to the
far West in 1877, the Nez Perce leader, delivered a speech in Washington to
only important audience that including the President Rutherford B. Hayes. On
this distinguished meeting, Chief Nez Perce proclaim the policy of confining Indians
to be left aside, Joseph espouse equal rights and freedom, before the laws will
get reinforced by the Civil War and Reconstruction. During Chief Nez Perce speech,
he proclaims “Treat all men alike” “Give, them the same law” “Let me be a free
man”. What he meant in his speech was that he wanted the freedom to travel,
freedom to stop, freedom to work, free to trade whenever he chooses, and
freedom to talk and act for them self. During that same year while marching
Chief Joseph of the Nez Perce Indians in 1977, they got surrendered to the U.S
Army. After Joseph speech, the government transported the surviving Nez Perce
to another reservation in Washington. In 1904, Joseph die and unsuccessfully petition
successive presidents for his people`s right to return to their beloved Oregon
homeland. According to Foner “Indians occasionally managed to inflict costly
delay and even defeat on army units” During this time for most American,
Indians were now simply objects of curiosity or entertainment

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