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E-commerce is business where
we used to buying and selling the products over electronic system. E-commerce
is a powerful concept that has fundamentally changed and make easier the
current of human life. E-commerce may be the revolution of information
technology and communication in the field of economy. This style of business
can provide the good benefits for human. E-commerce is canceling many types of
the limitations of old traditional business. For example, form and appearance
of traditional business has fundamentally changed. These changes are basis for
improving the e-commerce economy. ( Nanehkaran, 2013) E commerce, where we deal about the goods,
information to maintaining business relationships, and conducting business
transactions by means of telecommunications networks. In today’s business
environment, where the working boundaries between companies have become unsolidified.
E-commerce include the sell-buy relation. (Zwass, 1996)


1.1  Current

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Since, 1995 E-commerce is growing popular in the emerging
economy. The USA become success to become the leader in the e-commerce sales at
27% of the worldwide. Development countries like U.S.A, china, japan, India etc.
are the world leading emerging markets. It requires the digital goods for caring
out their business. And India is the second largest base of internet user in
the world behind China. Development country in the world are welcomed
E-commerce as an opportunity. The conversation between businesses and consumers
has become easier for transactional exchanges to happen online. E-commerce
could deliver benefit to businesses in developing countries by increasing their
control over its place in the supply chain thus improving its market efficiency.
(khan, 2016)
Now a day’s e-commerce is successful in everywhere in the world. Finally most of
the people are involving on e-commerce and more than 67% of the e-commerce
users are dealing on mobile device other countries like US 14%, UK-6% and Russia-11%.  E-commerce is using for the purpose of
collecting money from in different business and highly advantaged on web and
digital television, telecommunication, phones, fax, copiers PCs and printers. The
major sections of E-commerce are inter-firm and intra-organization,

1.    Buying and selling of the goods
and collect the money.

2.    Transport (one country to
another country) of products

3.    Bring out economic statement  (SAJJMAR,

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