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Edgar Allan Poe, the master of the macabre, originator of detective fiction, the man that never lost his love for language, and the man who changed the literary landscape forever.The 1846 classic known as “ The Cask of Amontillado“ by Edgar Allen Poe is an American critic, poet, and a writer who was famously known for his twisted short stories and poems that conquered the attention of many.  He is a world-renowned poet and literary artist of his generation due to his unique writing style which evokes and keeps his readers on edge. He knew how to infiltrate the subconscious of his readers by subtly hindering some of their most deeply held beliefs. His story speaks about Montresor as he seeks his revenge against Fortunato for an undetailed insult. Poes’ decision to tell the story through the eyes of a criminal provides us with the insight into what actions drove the character’s motivation in committing an act evil-doing. The style in which it was written in is bright and straightforward. We commence the 2,495-word  story with a pistol of a narrator. Our narrator named Montresor is seeking to quench his thirst for revenge against a man named Fortunato. Thought the short story, the narrator Montresor is found to be an uncreditable and unreliable narrator. Montresor says he must have “punish with impunity.” In this context, impunity means freedom from punishment. Montresor can only indulge in such freedom if he has no need to worry about coming under mistrust at some future time. Fortunato hurt Montresor by insulting him. With his undying thirst for revenge on Fortunato still not becoming quenched, Montresor’s decides he will set a trap for Fortunato during carnival season. Later on once Fortunato is half-drunk and all dressed up like a jester Montresor. Although Montresor provides Fortunato with many opportunities to back out, he does this by using Fortunato’s pride and greed and plays him like a marionette it to his advantage. Alongside the fact that Montresor presents Fortunato with the opportunity to escape, he accompanies these claims with hints as to what he has in store for Fortunato. He catches Montresor’s bait, and Montresor leads him to his empty palazzo and directs him into the family catacombs, all the while supplying his guest with a drink. Eventually, Fortunato finds himself face to face with a man-sized hole in the wall. Montresor chains Fortunato and begins to fill the hole with bricks. When he gets down to his last brick he makes Fortunato begs for mercy and at the end, we finally get a name for our narrator when Fortunato screams “Montresor.” The Cask of Amontillado by Edgar Allen Poe is a story that keeps the reader on the edge of their seat. Poe uses his infamous writing skills and does what he knows best. A story of gothic fiction. Edgar Allen Poe borrows and uses several gothic elements in his telling of The Cask of Amontillado such as mystery. Poe gives us a seemingly unreliable narrator to tell us the story. This causes questions on the readers end on the credibility of this source. I mean for one, we don’t even know their name until the end of the short story. With the help of a name, it gives the reader a feeling of possession over the narrator by being able to label them and put them in a box. None the less we know little to nothing about this narrator. The tale is brimming with elements of fiction. Poe uses 

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