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Edgar Allan Poe was a well known American writer, poet, and critic. Although he attended the University of Virginia, his life was quite a disaster. Both of his parents died before he was three, he abused drugs and alcohol, and his wife, who was also his cousin, died. He is most known for his short horror stories. His writing was dark and mysterious which made readers infatuated with his texts. His stories were often filled with morbidness and twisted humor. The short stories “The Tell-Tale Heart”, “Morella”, “The Black Cat”, “Berenice” and “The Fall House of Usher” by Edgar Allan Poe conform to the conventions of the horror genre. The short story, “The Tell-Tale Heart”, takes place in an old house in which the narrator denies the accusation that he is mad and begins to tell the story to prove his sanity. He says then says the man’s “evil eye” made him nervous. According to the narrator, he slips into the old man’s room, drags him across the room and kills him, then hiding him under the floorboard. When the police come to the scene, the narrator hears the heart of the old man still beating, making him feel distraught and confessing to the police where to find the body. This story conforms to the genre of horror because Poe includes murder and suspense by including symbolism and imagery to portray the genre. The narrator talks about the old man’s “evil eye” making the narrator kill him. The quote, “I loved the old man. He had never wronged me. He had never given me insult. For his gold I had no desire. I think it was his eye ,”(Poe 1), states that the narrator had no intention of killing the old man for his money and the old man never did anything to provoke him. The short story,”Morella”,also conforms to the horror genre. The narrator begins the story by describing his relationship with Morella. He states that he did not love her, but was attracted to her intelligence. Later on in the story, Morella dies from a strange disease. She tells her husband that she knows that he did not love her. The narrator later discovers that Morella had been secretly pregnant and she gives birth immediately. The narrator, now a single dad, watches his daughter grow and he noticed how much she resembled “her who had departed…” (Poe 3). He decides to baptize her with a name after calling her “my child” and “my love”. He decides to give her her mother name. When the narrator let out his dead wife’s name, his daughter replies, ” I am here!” Years later, he remembers the death of his daughter and decides to bury her in the family tomb only to discover that his wife’s body is missing. Edgar Allan Poe makes references to hint at the genre of horror. For example, Poe references the belief of an immortal human soul. The narrator also introduces the theme of horror in the third paragraph when describes the effect Morella’s readings have on him: “And then, hour after hour, would I linger by her side, and dwell upon the music of her voice, until at length its melody was tainted with terror, and there fell a shadow upon my soul, and I grew pale, and shuddered inwardly at those too unearthly tones. And thus, joy suddenly faded into horror…”

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