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Education is one of the essential things that will do away with the existing differences between various social classes and genders. It opens up a whole new world of opportunities for everybody so that they may have an equal shot at earning money and becoming self sufficient. Citizens of a society are its future, and educated individuals become the basis of a developed, confident, and self sustainable society. A college degree has become more necessary to earn a decent living which means more people are attending college.
This also has created a problem where more people are relying on debt to finance their education. A sluggish wage growth and rising cost of other things such as housing and child care, families have less and less money to save for colleges causing them to borrow to pay for education. In total, Americans carried $13.15 trillion in debt as of year-end 2017 and 10% of that was in student debt. The typical student borrower takes out $6,600 in a single year, averaging $22,000 in debt by graduation. If student debt continues to grow, it will have a major impact on the economy.
This is the reason I am proposing that 28th amendment to the United States Constitution should be “All children who are citizens have a right to a “free and adequate college education”. This will keep education dream alive for all who are willing to do work, study to improve our lives and keep future of this great nation safe. Our nation’s success is dependent upon an educated workforce who is capable of critical thinking, innovation and entrepreneurship necessary for prosperity.

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