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Edward Scissorhands, The Nightmare  Before Christmas, Sleepy hollow, Charlie and
the Chocolate Factory, Alice in Wonderland, Batman. These renowned films all have one thing in
common; Tim Walter Burton. The film director of all film directors.


A man known
for his dark, gothic, eccentric horror and fantasy film styles as displayed in
films such as Batman, Charlie and the
Chocolate Factory, and Alice in
Wonderland. Colour, camera angles, as well as lighting are three very
important cinematography techniques when it comes to Burton’s film making. He
uses these techniques to reveal a depressing or cheerful surrounding. For
example when Charlie unwraps the Wonka Bar and finds no golden ticket inside, Burton
uses close-ups to show the family’s disappointment.

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In all his films
he uses movement to create meaning. For example, dance to communicate emotion
as seen in Batman when The Joker is
dancing around with his henchmen destroying everything in his path, on his way
to meet Vicky Vale. This shows how much joy evil and terror brings him.


Burton uses
both saturated and unsaturated colour in the characters’ clothing in Alice in Wonderland as well as in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. For
example, in Mr Willy Wonka’s clothing. He
uses lighting to make his idea or opinion becoming clearer for the audience to
understand. Batman is classified as a vigilante , Burton plays with both light
and dark lighting when Batman appears into a scene. Batman usually appears in
places where the lighting is dark but will have a single light source on him
such as a spotlight, which could symbolize how he has both good and bad traits
making him a vigilante.


Burton is
also known for his signature camera shots and angles namely, the Dutch angle
and Point-of-view shot. These shots are most successfully demonstrated in his
film Edward Scissorhands.


In 2007, he
was honored with the Golden Lion for Lifetime Achievement Award at the 6th
Venice International Film Festival. His film Sweeney Tod: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street was nominated, and
won Best Motion Picture – Musical or Comedy.


These are
just a few of Tim Walter Burton’s greatest achievements. He once said, “Movies
are like an expensive form of therapy for me.” His genius film making could
also pass as therapeutic to us his fellow viewers. So fellow viewers, please
help me in welcoming Mr Tim Walter Burton.

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