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Elizabeth I, she was the queen of England for 44 years. She affirmed the throne in 1588 and detain it until her death in 1603. Elizabeth I was born in Greenwich England. She was the daughter of Anne Boleyn and her husband King Henry VIII. Elizabeth I impacted England throughout her long reign in so many ways. For example, politically, economically, and socially. Queen Elizabeth I was born as a princess with announced unlawful through political conspiracy. She politically impacted England during the 16th century by setting up the Poor Laws, which was established to reduce money going to the poor people. Elizabeth accomplishes admission for England as the best power in Europe. Basically, she was in control of all the major policies in England. Elizabeth created Protestantism as the country’s religion in England.Queen Elizabeth I negatively impacted England’s economy during her long reign by the defeated Spanish Armada in 1588. The nation was in serious economic depression and it was in pain from high prices. The war with Spain was not successful because the Spanish Armada had been defeated with other campaigns and it was extremely costly. It cost over £5 million. Elizabeth lost enormous debts to her successor. Queen Elizabeth I decline to marry and pledge an heir. She socially impacted England during the 16th century by declaring her promise at the age of eight that she will never marry. It was a dangerous decision because all the queen needs a male to avoid a civil war she needed male heirs to avoid a civil war and a candidate after her death. She had too much breakdown and tragedy about marriage in her family especially her own parents. As long as Elizabeth was single, she would be treated with all the majesty, but if she got with a man and got married, she wouldn’t be seen as the genuine ruler of the country.In conclusion, Queen Elizabeth I was a brilliant monarch who ruled all of England for 44 years. During her reign, Elizabeth established the “poor laws” which were laws that were designed to reduce the cost of looking after the poor. She negatively impacted England economically by putting the country in debt after the war. Last but not least, Elizabeth never got married due to pledging at the age of eight that she would never get married. She avoids marriage to maintain her power instead of having to share it and not be treated with the utmost majesty.

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