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by discipline, rules and regulations are put in place. They are the codes of
practice that everyone must follow in their service. It tells them exactly what
they can and can’t do and how they go about it. This on its own is a form of
discipline as it is clearly written how one may go about a task professionally.

urges the staff of the services to take their duties seriously and complete
their orders without question. Without discipline there may not be a high
enough regard for those positioned further up the chain of command. This can
cause poor performance and operational failure.

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is required so the service can perform to the highest standard, with their work
force knowing precisely what is expected from them and how they have to act.

To create an effective system, the uniformed services employ
discipline. This structure ensures people know what they are doing and who they
are commanded by. Those with a higher rank and are further up in the structure
have more responsibility and more power therefore must be just as disciplined
as a new recruit, maybe even more.

need for discipline in the public services is key, it enables the services to
work proficiently. Without it the general bulk of people who work for the
services would have no comprehension on the best way to carry on or how to act
amid difficult changing situations, for instance acceptable behaviour in the
name of the law.

that is why the public services use discipline in the job 24/7.

brings stability and structure into a person’s life. It teaches a person to be
responsible and respectful. The compliance of well-defined rules is the basis
of society. If there was no discipline, people would do whatever they wanted
and make mistakes without putting the consideration of others first and
foremost. It promotes good human behaviour to have a better society and make it
a more pleasant place for everyone to live.

practice of training people to obey rules or a code of behaviour, using
punishment to correct disobedience.

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