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Entrepreneurship is the activity of setting up a business or businesses, taking on financial risks in the hope of profit. Due to knowing that you cannot just be born an entrepreneur. It is a process that you have to go through, to achieve being an entrepreneur. Such as building leadership roles for running a business of your own. Or even being able to gain people interest in your product. Entrepreneurs create and operate companies hoping to get profit from them. It is impossible to just be born an entrepreneur, but it is not impossible to be born with a company of your own. Others might argue that there are many ways, you can be born an entrepreneur. Maybe born into a family business that was running before you. That you later have to run when you grow older. Or for example DJ Khaled son Asahd, he has a business and he is only two years old. Sometimes it depends on the parent of the unborn child, because if your born into a rich family.

Then it is a big possibility you could be born with a business of your own. Many people who are rich does things like that for their children. Start a business for them so that when they grow older they could have money waiting for them. Or a way to get money just in case some emergency happens in the family. So, things like that could consider you being a born entrepreneur. But even still you would have to learn skills to make you good in the family business, Or the business of your own. Skills such as creativity, you have to know how to be creative with ideas for your business. You have to have good customer skills. Like being polite, and starting conversations. That is how you develop loyal customers. It is also good to be open minded, to new ideas for your product. You have to be brave, not be afraid to take risk. Many famous entrepreneurs went through risky situations. You also have to be motivated. Whether its you motivating yourself, or others motivating you. But that helps a lot with pushing people to be better. At doing and being the best, they can be.

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Persuasiveness is a great skill to have in the entrepreneurship filled. Because being able to persuade people helps build your profit. Having a positive attitude is also good. Who wants to buy anything from someone who is grumpy and rude? Nobody, they would rather keep their money in their pockets. So, knowing how to keep a positive attitude even if the things around you are negative. Is a good skill to take in, to become a good entrepreneur? And there are many more qualities of a good business man or woman. That takes time to learn. But with good connections and a good support system you could learn those tasks.

There are many entrepreneurs such as Walt Disney, Oprah Winfrey, Henry Ford etc. That became professionals at what they do, they were not born professionals. They learned certain task and information on becoming an entrepreneur. Which later on help them with their future careers. There mindset had to build overtime and that is what made them so successful. Often people feel that others become successful overnight. But it takes patience, hard work, and a lot of dedication to flourish into something great. Entrepreneurship is all about supply and demand. Find a product that a large amount of people desires and need, while having a reasonable price to sell it for. Some entrepreneurs have an objective that goes beyond wanting to earn income. Sometimes they build a product or business that could help their personal wealth.

Parents, Professors, and family members drill into your head that the skies the limit. Meaning you can be anything you set your mind to including an entrepreneur. If you can be taught to sing, dance, and act. why can’t you be taught to become a self-efficient business women or man. Your mindset can adopt overtime, your can step out your comfort zone. With hard work, drive, and dedication you can do anything you put your mind to. Which made little children grown into successful business men and woman

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