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Erin Shetenhelm1/18/183rd Hour Mr. HalliwillWWIIn the year 1919 in France, the Treaty of Versailles was created. The treaty was invented to end all war after WWI and to put all blame on Germany. The treaty was unfair because it put all blame on Germany, It reduced their Military, and destroyed the economy of Germany.One of the reason why The Treaty of Versailles was unfair was that Germany got all the blame. In the treaty, it says, “Government affirms that Germany accepts all responsibility for the loss and all damage” This is unfair because people in other countries will take all their anger on Germany even though they did not create all the loss and damage for the war. Another reason why the treaty is unfair is that they won’t trade with them. ¨ Importation into Germany is strictly prohibited¨. (Article 170) Since everyone blames them for everything no one wants to trade with them making extreme poverty in Germany. It expresses in the treaty that ¨ Germany is not to take part in the league of nations.” This shows the hatred the other countries have for them, even if it helps to create peace for the world. ¨ Germany is forced to give up territory to  France, Belgium, Italy, and Poland¨ This shows that the other countries thought that Germany should not have a big territory because they want it to control them better, especially their military.Another reason why The Treaty of Versailles is unfair is that of the laws that restrict military usage. As it states in The Treaty of Versailles Article 160 ¨ After the date March 31, 1920 the total number of effects in the Army of the states constituting, Germany must not exceed one hundred thousand men.¨ This makes the article unfair because the Army can not protect the countries if someone attacks them. Another reason the restricted military usage makes the treaty unfair because it expresses in article 170 of The Treaty of Versailles “Importation into Germany of arms or any war material of any kind shall be strictly prohibited.¨ This makes it really hard for Germany because if they do not get any new war materiel, they won’t be able to keep up the new technology. Also if you don’t know the new inventions you won’t be able to survive from one. Then it also says in the treaty ( 198) “The armed forces of Germany must not include any military or naval  air forces.” This shows that the German people are defenseless against any attack from the air proving that the treaty is unfair. The treaty explains they are allowed to have some weapons,Article 181, but it so few. With the few weapons, they have the Germans can barely protect themselves from any big army that attacks them. Although other people will say that Germany should get all the blame because they destroyed property causing people having to pay for the damage. So then they put in The Treaty of Versailles that Germany should pay for ALL of the damage that was the cause of that war. Keynes said, “Allied and associated powers realize the consequences which will take place if Germany finds herself pushed back in development which corresponds to the economic condition.” This tells us that the debt the treaty put them in is pushing back their country’s development. In the treaty, it expresses in article 232, “… Germany is not adequate, taking into account permanent diminution of resources…” This means what little resources that Germany have are no value in other countries, making very hard to pay off the debt the treaty put them in. Finally, the treaty tells that ” Germany has to cede all war material to the allied.” Now not only that The Treaty Of Versailles put them into debt, they have to give weapons up for free. The Treaty Of Versailles was a reason to put all the blame on something for The Great War. This is why it unfair to Germany because they were put a fault. Viewing in that fact they were forced to reduced their military, and due to that The Germans can’t protect their own. Since they got all the blame, they have to pay ALL damage in the war, even though Germany did not create all of it. For all these reasons, The Treaty of Versailles is unfair to Germany.

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