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Essay BAn identity that defines me is music. Music has always been a part of my life because my mom used to be a musician and play on Broadway. She studied at Juilliard. Her love is music was passed on to me. On the last day of school of second grade she took me to a music shop and I received my very first instrument, a viola. I have been playing and learning for nine years. I studied at the Rice University Shepherd School of Music for five years and did their chamber music program. During the summer, I went studied at another program called AFA which is also known as American Festival for the Arts. During the summer I took classes in music theory, piano, orchestra, ear training, and chamber music for around eight hours. Every week I have viola and chamber music lessons.    Even though I love music, I am also interested in building a world outside of it. During my eighth grade year, I decided to audition for The High School for the Performing and Visual Arts. I had also applied to other schools such as Incarnate Word Academy and really liked the environment there. When I got accepted into The High School for the Performing and Visual Arts, I decided to go to Incarnate Word Academy instead because I wanted to expand my intellectual and spiritual opportunities. My parents also wanted me to expand at an all girls school because it develops strong independent women. Since I decided not to go The High School for the Performing and Visual Arts, I joined the musical programs at Incarnate Word Academy. I joined the handbells and the musical theatre program. I even joined the handbells they have at my church, St. Annes. I love the musical theatre program at Incarnate Word Academy. I branch out in other areas of music such as, voice, ukulele, and piano. I have taken piano lessons since I was eleven years old. In my free time, I frequently look up songs to play on the piano. I also transcribe the music into alto clef, so that I can play it on the viola. I like to play the viola because it is the soul of the orchestra and music is in my soul. It is the conversation between the high tones and the low tones. (Volunteer opps not about music) Many times when I listen to music, I love hearing all the instruments in the background playing harmonies, melodies, and descendants. I love when all the instruments and pieces come together. It makes me so happy to hear everything coming together to make a wonderful sound and it fills me with joy. I especially like songs that have meaningful lyrics that can have a deeper meaning than what is said. I also like songs about people finding out who they are as a person because it gives each person a voice that they might not be able to express about themselves. Music inspires me in many ways and has affected my life. My favorite quote is “Life is a song and it’s up to you and your heart to write the lyrics.” – Unknown

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