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Estimator360 is the next evolution of Bid4Build and includes
new exchange bits of knowledge and many years of building background from its chief
operating officer, CEO, Paul Messner.

This group has made a new process for construction
estimating, communicating and managing the entire building process.

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With the assistance of Chief Technology Officer, CTO, Chris
Spanellis, alongside a group of driving innovation designs and chosen business
experts, they constructed Estimator360 with leading-edge cloud software
development techniques, business workflows and measures.

Estimator360 is an absolute new solution for the
construction industry providing speedy, secured, intense and manageable-to-use
software attainable from any gadget and platform.

Suitable for smaller construction corporations and
contractors with a focus on residential projects.

The software runs building calculations and assigns quantity
values to estimate assemblies.

Suppliers and trade partners can enter and save costs precisely
in the system’s cost database.

The system allows suppliers and trade partners to bid on

Users can create, present and award custom proposals,
contracts and alter orders. The system comprises digital signature
functionality to manage contracts and alternative documents.

Estimator360 produces estimates around the user’s schedule
and includes functionality to manage timesheets for the broader crew, suppliers
and trade partners.

The system also features a dashboard with visual reporting
on prices, resources and job progress.





Assemblies &


Assembly Wizards guide you through the
Divisions of Work, which follow the proper order of residential construction.

A comprehensive catalog of pre-packaged
unit cost Assemblies for every job specification and requirement.

Estimator360 does all the building
calculations for you and assigns quantity values to the Assemblies in your
estimate automatically!


Real-Time Supplier


Easily invite suppliers and trade partners to bid on materials
and service/subcontract line items.

Suppliers and Trade Partners can enter their costs directly
into the system using a simple browser link, free-of-charge. Estimator360 will
keep track and manage all of this information.

Can even award the Suppliers and Trade Partners
electronically for the Purchase Order.

Eliminates any requirement to maintain industry cost
database pricing, which won’t match the actual Supplier and Trade Partner costs
in the first place.


Manage Your Clients


Create, present and award custom Proposals, Contracts,
Change Orders with ease.

No more old print, sign, scan and then email/fax/mail to Clients,
Suppliers, and Trade Partners.

Easy and quick Digital Signature workflow process to manage
the flow of documents and contracts.

Create binders for the Projects and store files, photos,
schedules, reports and any other important information.



Automated Scheduling

Automatically builds schedule, and Estimator360 manages the
Crew, Suppliers, and Trade Partners.

Estimate-Driven scheduling is not only smart, but it’s also
an incredible time saver. No more old scheduling processes, and/or the need to
use separate scheduling software.

Simply set the start date, work schedules, and project




Log the time directly into Estimator360.

Track time, in real-time, and in one system.

No more written timesheets to get the payroll in order.

Measure Crew Productivity, while Estimator360 learns your
crew’s behavior, improving the accuracy of the next estimate.


Dashboard and


Easier to take action with important Company and Project
information available at the fingertips.

Be proactive in managing the bottom line of the Projects
with the data which need to make important decisions.

Gain real-time visibility so can analyze and manage critical
costs, resources, and job progress.

Track the right metrics so will have more time to focus on
growing the business and profitability.

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