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Ethnography Paper
The Trobrianders of Papua New Guinea is a book based on Malinowski’s ethnographic work of the early 20th century of the Trobriand Islands people. Malinowski gives us a prospective of the male and female viewpoints on the islands. Also, we go deeper into the Trobrianders culture and customs to discover examples of woman’s work and their health care for them. Also, their system of hierarchy, military, and sexuality. We get a sense of their way of life on the islands in the 20th century and discover how different we are, but at the same time we see how similar we can be. Annette B. Weiner gives us the insight on what the people wanted for themselves early on. The want for was self-independence and a solid government system. The Trobriand people took me for surprised when I learned that their main goal was to keep traditional ways and activities at all cost. I would have imagined that there would be somewhat of a new change with the effect of trying to form national independence and a newly formed government. This concept was also linked to the wealth of their women and role of their men. Trying to piece together a certain bond of co responsibilities. Theses people also have a strong belief in in ritual behavior. In their view, death was thought to be avoided from their culture. Meaning of they want to avoid death whenever they can in society. The people of this society would be judged based off their wealth and items, including health over their life. Also, by how much land they possess and their part in political and social relations. Their birth ritual was just a tad different. The Trobrianders believed that the mother was one of the most important pieces in a child’s life. But the father is not that much of a role if he is so at all. I had to step back and think almost how similar this was for our culture. We give mom all the love and care we can. In most family’s dad is there and he gives us the same effort and energy. But there is something special about a mother to our culture, just like the Trobriander’s. Sometimes as well in our society we do have some fathers that are missing in action. Some by unfortunate events, some by choice. This is almost related to how the fathers are in the Trobriander’s society. They are not seen in the picture at all. It’s the mother who is they’re for the love and support for their children. Fathers are most of the time not even recognized in this since. This is one of the many key things I read that made me really interested. One way how this can relate to our course study is by databases for anthropology. Ethnography is more of a scientific description of a society’s culture. In our course study of anthropology, we look more towards people’s society, customs, beliefs, and culture. This will intermix because we study the same area of stuff. But, ethnography is done more in a scientific way. When anthropologist go to a different area, with a different culture. This can be considered ethnography. You are observing a different culture. You are interviewing the people of that society. This is work of an anthropologist. But the way we do the work is through ethnographic ways when we talk and see the people. This way of working will give us a better understanding for an academic viewpoint for an anthropologist. What also makes this more impactful. This case of study seemed new to Malinowski. But the book helps to let the reader know that ethnography is more a study of history, the human body, and peoples culture. There were some sections of the book that I disagreed with or disliked. One of them being that the father in the role was not recognized like the mother.

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