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Euthanasia is “a concept used in the medical field which means easy death or gentle death, and
is defined as the deliberate speeding up of the death of an individual based on
terminal medical conditions” (Jonsen, et al. 2015). Euthanasia reflects one of
the current debatable issues health professionals encounter when caring for the
end of life patients who are choosing between speeding up their death or living
the rest of their life in pain. In the fields of laws and regulations related
to human health there is still a controversy over the concept of peaceful
death. This ethical dilemma has health care providers making a decision to
choose between two difficult options and are obligated to use moral reasoning
to solve these legal and ethical risks. Euthanasia’s legal and ethical aspects
are still debated in many countries in the world. Withholding or withdrawing
treatment of any patient is never easy and is unable to be generalized. There
are two classes of euthanasia, Active and passive. Active euthanasia is “the
ending of life by deliberate administration of drugs” (Farlex Partner, 2012).

Active euthanasia is then spilt into two sub categories, in-voluntary (patient
does not give permission to the medical provider) and voluntary (patient gives permission
to the medical provider). Passive euthanasia is “the ending of life by the
deliberate withholding of drugs or other life-sustaining treatment” (Mosby’s,
2009). Many patients experience pain and suffering well experiencing their
terminal conditions. Suffering is not only a medical problem but also extends
past physical pain. It is influenced by psychological, cultural and spiritual
factors. Therefor under certain irreversible conditions euthanasia should be
acceptable for those who have reflected the consequences and have given written
or oral consent under their request.

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