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Even though dogs are considered as man’s best friend, not all dogs can be friendly with children. Some dogs can get agitated and frustrated by unsupervised kids, and, in the end, attack them is self-defense. Other dogs are comfortable with children and can teach them matters of responsibility and cooperation. Other dogs are always happy to please and would enjoy the company of children. In this article, I outline some of the dog breeds that are best for kids.BoxerBoxers are known as hearing dogs, meaning that they are always watchful and alert. They are self-assured, patient and playful with children.  Even though it greets strangers with a way attitude, it tends to respond politely to friendly people. Socialization will ensure that your puppy grows into a lovely and affectionate pet. They are highly energetic, exuberantly and will always greet you excitedly. Even though they are large in size, they actually are not outdoor dogs. They like to be with family and are even-tempered.MastiffMastiffs tend to be courageous and docile. They are never shy and always dignified. A mastiff that has been socialized properly will greet a stranger with some polite aloofness but will warm up with time. They tend to be protective and can react appropriately if the threat continues. They require daily exercise and can easily get bored and destructed if they do not exercise. They can do well in apartments and homes with small yards.BulldogThey are extremely sociable, sweet and courageous; hence can also make good watchdogs.  They are dignified, friendly and very easygoing. They get along well with everyone. Even though they are not known to be barkers, they can exhibit an unusual appearance to intruders. They tend to be stubborn and lazy and very sensitive to cold weather.BeagleBeagles tend to be sweet, gentle and funny. Even though they are naughty, they can also make you laugh. They can easily get bored if left alone for a long time. They do not make good watchdogs because they tend to be friendly with everyone.NewfoundlandThey have a sweet disposition. They are extremely intelligent, always happy to please and love children. They tend to be happy when they are with the family. They should not be left alone for long periods of time. Just like any other dog breeds, they require early socialization.  They have a strong work ethic and need regular exercise.Golden RetrieverThey are calm and sweet dogs. It was bred to live and work with people, which makes them happy to always please their owners. They require early socialization and exposure to different people. They are family dogs and love to be indoors. They are active dogs and need an hour of exercise every day. They are gentle and trustworthy with children.Labrador RetrieverThey love to eat and can easily become obese. They were bred for physically demanding jobs. They have high energy and like to complete their tasks. The Labrador Retriever is America’s number one breed, meaning they are in high demand. They are friendly, outgoing and love to play.Soft Coated Wheaten TerrierThey are confident, happy and steady dogs with a friendly personality. They tend to chase any small creature that passes their paths. They need to be socialized early and exposed to different people. They are family dogs and suitable to be kept in an apartment. They are not aggressive and can get along well with other dogs and pets. They love to keep their owners company and can easily get stressed when left alone.  They are good with children and love to play. They are happy, deeply devoted and friendly.WeimaranerThey are friendly, obedient, alert and fearless. They have a lot of energy and stamina. They require a lot of attention and love to be indoors. They are suspicious of strangers and can exhibit some sort of aggression towards them. However, they also need to be socialized early. They are extremely intelligent and like to think for themselves.Old English Sheep DogThey require training and socialization. They are extremely enthusiastic, large and bouncy.  They require a lot of exercises and tends to need a lot of maintenance.DalmatianThey require regular exercise or else they can easily get bored and destructed.  They shed and therefore need to be frequently brushed. They need socialization and training to make them well mannered. They like people and do not like to spend long periods of time alone. They are exuberant and playful dogs.American Staffordshire TerrierThey should not be left outside as they prefer to be with family. They are highly intelligent and very energetic. They require early socialization and need to be exposed to different people. They love children and are sometimes called nanny dogs. They tend to have a strong prey drive. 

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