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Everyday, there are at least 87,000 flights that travels about the United States. Many people use this type of transportation for various things, whether it is for professional or personal purposes.Throughout the history of the airlines in the United States industry, there has been various incidents that occurred and research gathered that implies that the industry has other interests besides their passenger care. Research, from associate of New Mountain Capital, Lauren Mcguiggan, shows that the inevitability of industry competition affects the concentration of the passenger service, hence the decrease of it. With the decrease of care comes with the decrease of value concerning what is best for the passengers. It places dangers on our society because the industry of airlines has a huge impact on people, seeing how it is used every day, and people fail to see the influence that this industry has, even with such a known reputation. With such a huge industry, the impact that the airlines are going to have on people is stirring. Having inumerable failures within the system for passenger services creates inconvenience to the passenger and industry. There are many incidents, such as the time where there was tension between a flight attendant and passenger, eventually leading to chest-bumping between the two males. This occurred because the attendant, “had a confrontation with a female passenger holding a baby and yanked a baby stroller away from her.” It is also believed that the attendant had physically hurt the woman because of her words, “you can’t use violence (with me holding a baby) .” This example shows the truth of what occurs when a person with authority in the airline industry does not draw lines with their profession. Not only that, but it also shows that there is a crucial need for improvement in the industry concerning passenger services. These thoughtless actions affects society. They bring their own biases to their workplace, leading to a lack of professionalism. With careless workers, people are affected everyday whether it is through prejudice, racism, sexism, colorism, etc., and there is no focus brought into this issue because at the end of the day, they are the people with authority. The service quality has significantly decreased in the airline industries in the United States over the years. Care for the passengers are no longer top priority of the businesses. In the airline industry, competition between the companies ( American Airlines, US Airways, Air Berlin, etc.) is apparent. With competition comes the want to improve the company in order to attract more customers, which would seem rational for the care of passengers to rise up, yet that is not what happens. Professors of business and marketing Dawna L. Rhoades and Blaise Waguespack conducted a research involving examinations of the safety and service quality of the U.S major airlines presents that there is no association between these two qualities, meaning it does not matter how you get from meaning that these businesses are not considering customer experience but rather only the goal of transporting passengers to and from their destinations. The research took in the views and opinions of customers themselves, allowing them to express their opinions of the safety quality consistently being higher than service. In the United States, varied manners are used within the organization in order to have a successful fly. Our societal constructs has a chance of dictating our actions and has an influence on our cultural beliefs, such as how we choose to handle situations and our beliefs of rationality. Studies from technical communication specialists Amon Haruta and Kirk Hallahan shows that through the cultural aspect comparing the United States with Japan, airlines in the United States have a different system of communication. Their research reveals significant differences in the use of  of apology, media strategies, and litigation concerns. These results may be suggesting that within the success of communication in the airline industry, cultural sensitivity is a key. The United States is missing this. The absence of it may be the factor to the rising societal issues (racism, sexism, colorism) that keeps getting ignored.Airlines in the United States industry’s impact to our society may not seem staggering but it does indeed rises issues that occurs in our society today. With usage of this type of transportation on a day to day basis, incidents that occurs in the industry are going to matter and have an effect on our society.  In a larger scope, this issue may seem insignificant but it is contributing to our existing dilemmas because of the ignorance it is receiving. There needs to be a clear line drawn between the measures of professionalism. With more awareness to this issue, we can improve the system by identifying what is wrong and fixing them. The first step to solving an issue is identifying it. There should be stricter policies in the spectrum of the professionalism; what is appropriate and what is not. If a worker is aware of the consequences and appropriation of their actions, they are more likely to be cautious. Even with authority, each action has a consequence. People in the industry tend to neglect these, causing a negative effect on our society.

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