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Fake news or the printing and dissemination of spurious news have created a huge impact in discrediting all kinds of stories. It creates erroneous and misleading ideas that could create chaos and commotion to not just the society but even also to an individual. We need to be smarter at recognizing and fighting fake news.
Do not be deceived by fake news. We think that it is easy to tell fake news from real news but in fact, a study regarding on ability of over 7, 800 respondents from middle school to college in assessing information sources carried out by Stanford’s Graduate School of Education “shocked” the researchers by finding out the students’ “stunning and dismaying consistency” to evaluate information at even as basic a level at distinguishing advertisements from articles. They were actually not naïve; it was just that news format is easy to imitate and some real news just feels odd to some because of their society or culture.
Fake news is around us and could be distributed easily in a short period of time. But, as individuals, we can do something from spreading fake news, like, being responsible for everything that we share and read on the internet and other forms of media. We should also be skeptical on any information we gather. Also, be clear whether we are sharing real news or just mere opinions because sharing an opinion isn’t fake news while claiming an opinion to be true is indeed fake news.
Stopping fake news feels so surreal. However, if we start within ourselves by being honest and information literate, we are one step ahead in eradicating fake news.

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