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Falls are the leading causeof death, injury andhospital admissions amongthe elderly population.According to the NationalCouncil on Aging (NCOA)architectural lightingdesignArtificial lighting takes intoaccount the amount ofdaylight received in aninternal space by usingDaylight factor. calculationIn some design instance.So it is importantto studyLighting or illumination is the deliberate use of light toachieve a practical or aesthetic effect. Lighting includesthe use of both artificial light sources like lamps and lightfixtures, as well as natural illumination by capturingdaylight.Daylighting is the oldest method of interior lighting.Daylighting is simply designing a space to use asmuch natural light as possible. This decreasesenergy consumption and costs, and requires lessheating and cooling from the building. Daylightinghas also been proven to have positive effects onpatients in hospitals as well as work and schoolperformance.refers to any light sourcethat is produced byelectrical means.Artificial lighting hasmany differentapplications and is usedboth in home andcommercially. Artificiallights are available in awide variety of shapes,sizes, colors of lightemitted, and levels when you can’t see closeobjects or small print clearly. It’sa normal process that happensslowly over your lifetime. You maynot notice any change until aroundage 40.spots or specks thatdrift across your field ofvision. You’ll probablynotice them in well-litrooms or outdoors on abright day. They’remostly normal, but theycan signal a moreserious eye problem.If you see them alongwith flashes of light,your retina might bedetached from the backof your eye.There are some problems that elderly may face , theseproblems can affect the safety of their life or makingdistortions in the visionSo very simple tips can make their lives easier and safer.Designers should aware about the.Spacing between the setting and the table shouldbe widerthe glass bar should be avoidedSpacing between the setting and the table shouldbe widerthe glass bar should be avoidedUse portable task lights – they are flexible and canbe moved. ? At least the light has to be 80 CRI(Color Rendering Index) which helps distinguishbetween blue and green.conclusion, an illumination of a space, has a great impact onhow we perceive and communicate on a daily basis. Wherelight is their main way of interaction and communication. It isestablished that deterioration of vision will be there at somepoint, as we are continuously aging. While designing for elderlypeople, some special requirements should be considered forsafety and easy life of old people, as we have discussed. Forexample, natural light to be maximum, and an effectiveartificial lighting design. Addition to illumination, we shouldcontemplate use of ramps, grabbers and many moreconsiderations for elderly.

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