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           Family  : Pandalidae

            Genus   : Heterocarpus
A. Milne Edwards, 1881

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chani  Li, 2006 

Common Name:
Indian nylon shrimp, Hump back nylon shrimp, Thakkali konchu

Synonyms :

Distribution: Off
Tablas Island, Indian Seas and Kei Islands. In India, in the Arabian, China,
sea, Bay of Bengal and Andaman sea.

Environment :
Depth of 220 to 640m, deep sea species.

site : Sakthikulangara, Kalamukku,

examined : 46 females and
11 males

Description :
Colour of the body usually orange red – rose red, anterior rostral half
whitish; Rostrum reaching beyond scaphocerite,rostral length 0.6–1.0 times as
long as carapace; dorsally armed with 7–10 (teeth including 4–5 teeth on
carapace) posterior to orbital margin, ventral teeth with 10–16  along entire length but with distal 2–3 teeth
obscure. Moderately elevated rostral crest. on carapace two lateral carinae
present, postorbital carina extending posteriorly almost to posterior margin of
carapace and distinctly recurved downwards at posterior end; branchiostegal
carina sharp and extending posteriorly to 75–80% of carapace length ; no spine
on abdominal tergites, boss on third somite distinct and with lateral borders
somewhat carinate, width 0.2–0.3 and length 0.7–0.8 times  long as somite; posteroventral tooth only on
pleura IV and V ;telson with 4 pairs of dorsolateral and 3 pairs of distal
spines. Maxilliped III with very short  exopod, 0.2–0.3 times as long as
antepenultimate segment ; carpus and ischium of pereiopod III bearing 0–2
spines, merus with lateral spines 1–6 mesial and 10–15, propodus and  dactylus 0.2–0.4 times long ; carpus  of pereiopod IV with  1–2 spines, merus with 1 distinct apical
spine and 10–13 lateral spines, ischium having 2 spines. Carpus of pereiopod V
with  0–1 spines,10–13 lateral spines on merus,
no spine on ischium  Coloration.




: Good fishery, caught along with H. woodmasoni. Economicallly highly


Original description :
Li, X., 2006b. Additional pandaloid shrimps from
the South     China Sea (Crustacea:
Decapoda: Caridea), with description of one new species.Raffles Bulletin of
Zoology 54: 361-372.  


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