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Fear is more common in a community than one might expect. In the beginning, it may be subtle, yet it can be damaging and cause tension. Fear can be difficult to recognize, but it can often be traced back to those in leadership positions. The inverse of leading by fear is leading by respect. Although the two may look similar, they can produce different results. The most essential part to a community is a leader, and a prominent leader has indisputable traits. Competent leaders should focus on leading with responsibility, empathy, and ruling through respect. First and foremost, being responsible makes a considerable difference in a hard decision. This could be seen when Napoleon traded with Mr. Whymper in chapters 6 and 7. Napoleon decided that he would start trading items with Mr. Whymper, who is a seller. Napoleon also saw that the farm needed work done to it, so he sold items to Mr. Whymper in a contract. When Mr. Whymper sold the products, Napoleon would get a fair share of the money. The money was used to build a windmill. The windmill would help produce electricity to the farm. Napoleon’s decision helped bring comfort to the animals’ lives. Secondly, being empathetic as a leader can help the other people in the community have an overall better attitude towards whoever the leader is. This can be noted in Chapter 8 when all of the animals made a poem titled “Comrade Napoleon”. The name came from their leader. In the past, Napoleon has created phrases and sayings that encourage the animals to work harder such as Boxer, a work horse, and his motto. Boxer always says “I will work harder”(pg. 25) when he is faced with troubles of his community. The sheep  also say “Four legs good, two legs bad”(pg.50) in regards to Mr. Jones, the original owner of the farm. Last but not least, ruling through respect causes the people under the leader to be more respectful to the leader themselves. As seen in chapter 6, Boxer refers to Napoleon by saying that “Napoleon is always right!”(pg.61). Boxer has a high level of respect for Napoleon and that is what influences Boxer to work harder and strive for the best. In Boxer’s eyes, Napoleon is his God. Boxer followed every order Napoleon asked of him and he has never complained. In chapter 8, after the Battle of the Windmill, Napoleon went around congratulating everyone on their victory. Napoleon then soon created a new decoration named the Order of the Green Banner, which erased the bad memories from the past and focused on the new rejoicing of the recent battle that was won. With Napoleon’s responsibility, empathy, and proper use of respect, great leaders should aim to incorporate and become proficient in these traits in order to lead people successfully. Leading through fear is never the answer. Fear may be unnoticeable at first, but then it can cause stress and self- doubt. A great leader will want future generations to adapt to their ways of teaching, such as in religion. A leader always hopes that they will make their mark on the world.

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