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Fenton reaction is also known as Hydroxyl radical scavenging activity used to determine antioxidant activities of test extracts.

In the present investigation, Methanol Green Grape’s extract, Methanol Black Grape’s extract, Ethanol Green Grape’s extract, Ethanol Black Grape’s extract, Aqueous Green Grape’s and Aqueous Black Grape’s extracts were subjected to the light sensitive Fenton reaction. All the extracts were taken in five different concentrations in triplets. The antioxidant activities are expressed as IC50 Value. The result of Fenton reaction is summarized in table…….

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In the present study, IC50 value of Methanol Green Grape’s extract is 33.39µg/ml and Methanol Black Grape’s extract is 58.85µg/ml. Similarly IC50 value of Ethanol Green Grape’s extract is 82.57µg/ml and Ethanol Black Grape’s extract is 91.61µg/ml. Likewise Aqueous Green Grape extract’s IC50 value is 97.90µg/ml and Aqueous Black Grape extract’s IC50 value is 117.66µg/ml. The results showed that the highest antioxidant properties were present in Methanol Green Grape’s extract as compared to rest of all test extracts.

IC50 value is used to express the concentration or amount of sample/extract desired to scavenge 50% of the free radicals. In an experiment IC50 value is inversely proportional to the scavenging activity of test extracts. The findings of present work can be correlated with the study conducted in Vitis vinifera seed powder extract and pomace by Murthy K.N. et al. (2002), Li H. et al. (2008), Singha I. and Das S.K. (2015) and Devi S. and Singh R. (2017).

Hydroxyl radical is most reactive oxygen centered species moreover it causes severe damage to adjacent biomolecule. It is an extremely reactive free radical formed in biological system. Now-a-days it has been used as highly damaging species in free radical studies. Presence of phenolic compounds in methanolic green grape extracts might have high hydrogen donating ability and thus act as a good antioxidant source.

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