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1-Antithesis: Smart people take advantage of opportunities; stupid people waste opportunities.

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2-Alliteration: Best baseball player is Babe Ruth.

3-Iteratio: The car crashed, crashed after he bought it.

4-Anaphora: The cat jumped off the roof. The neighbors were worried. The police were called.

5-Epistrophe: She came over my house-unannounced. She came to dinner-unannounced.

6-Symploce: She was really hurt. She continued to walk even though she was hurt.

7-Anadiplosis: She decided to kidnap my cat. My cat was taken from me; therefore, she was kidnapped.

8-Antimetabole: We sleep to rest, not rest to sleep.

9-Asyndeton: I ran, I conquered, I succeeded.

10-Polysyndeton: I laugh and cry and scream and fall

11-Polypton: She put her hands in the revolver while it was revolving.

12-Euphenism: She’s gone, she is no longer with me.

13- Metaphor: She’s a problem.

14-Buried Metaphor: The idiot meows when he is in trouble.

15) Simile: She is like a flower that was taken care of.

16- Metonymy: There he is, the cowboy.

17- Synecdoche: I want to ride a horse across the wild west.

18- Pun: I went to the barn, and saw a cute chick.

19- Hyperbole: My car jerks so hard that when you press the gas it goes flying.

20- Litotes: The fact that you quit your job resulted in you being homeless.

21- Neologism: Rainfall, Uprising

22- Personification: History shows that Ragnar was the devil that attacked England.

23: Address: Why would she do that. Elizabeth why did you throw that glass out that window knowing very well that it was going to hurt an innocent pedestrian.

24: Apostrophe: As she watched her lover leaving, she couldn’t help but turn away due to the sadness swelling up in her heart at that very moment.

25: Irony: It was Ironic, that the war was the reason for the new era that helped the country significantly.

26: Paradox: In a state of Paradox, he never practiced what he preached.

27: Omission: The fact that he cheated all through college, that student was omitted from his graduation due to breaking the university’s guidelines and rules.


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