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First of all, I am willing to participate in the gold Duke of Edinburgh Award not only to improve my communication, organizational, and leadership skills but to obtain a unique, challenging and life-long experience.

For the volunteering section, I will be doing charity work inside and outside school such as helping funding food in the local supermarket and attending Mighty Meriendas and charity events. Furthermore, I am enrolled in the Primary Help program and next summer I will be travelling to Tanzania to a small orphanage for a month to help children learn English.

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For the skills section, I have been playing the piano for more than 10 years and I take private classes each week. I am a passionate photographer and like to shoot short films of my summer holidays. In addition, I attend French classes every week in order to improve my French skills and take the B2 French exam.

Finally, for the physical section, I take part in a 2-hour long tennis class twice a week which I really enjoy, I play golf on Sundays and attend the gym three times a week.

I am good at making decisions, working with a team and good at planning trips. Last summer I had the opportunity to plan and execute me and my family’s summer trip where we took our car and and visited more than forty different places of France. I describe myself as an outgoing, honest and creative person and believe I am a perfect candidate to complete this challenge.

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First of all, Airbus 330-300 also known by b”A330″ and “A333” here. The Airbus A330 is a straightforward and long twin stream motor made through Airbus. The A330 has 5,000 to 13,430 kilograms and can accommodate up to 335 tourists in managing two classes or delivering 70 tonnes of load.
Additionally, the A330 head began in the mid-1970s as one of the true supporters of Airbus, the A300. The A330 has been made in parallel with the four A340 cruisers, which share a lot of solutions but one of the motor breaks resolved the type of engine total. Both engines fly on flight flights to the air, introduced on the Airbus plane with the A320, and the A320 six-page glass cockpit. In June 1987, after receiving requests from various customers, Airbus promoted the A330 and A340. The A330 is the base Airbus aircraft to offer three types of engines: General Electric CF6, Pratt and Whitney PW4000, and Rolls-Royce Trent 700.
Also, the A330-300, a large variety, began its introduction journey in November 1992 and entered the exploration advantage of Air Inter in January 1994. Airbus acquired after the A330-200 range was normally in 1998. The A330 variants were later created including excellent carrier A330 -200F, military tanker, A330 MRTT, and corporate pattern, ACJ330. The A330 MRTT includes the KC-45 proposal prekology, entering the US Air Force KC-X competition with Northrop Grumman, where after the victory, the offer was lost to the Boeing tanker.
Subsequently, since delivery, the A330 has launched Airbus to expand its entire industry in various types of flying machines. Airliners including Boeing 767 and 777, together with 787. The entire Airbus A350 XWB offer was entirely successful with both A330 and A340. Airbus hopes to replace the current A330 with the A330neo, which combines new engines and various changes. As of June 2018, A330 orders rose to 1,715, from which 1,408 were shipped and 1,374 were concise. The largest director is Turkish Airlines with 65 A330 in its fleet.

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