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Five trends for weddings in 2017


With each new year, we start to see new and beautiful trends emerge for weddings, and 2017 already has come clear favourites! Here is a brief rundown of the top five trends for the year so far.

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1.      Beautiful Metallics

Metallics like copper, rose gold and pewter are one of the prettiest trends around, taking over not only weddings but also fashion and interior design. These versatile tones complement a range of colours and look beautiful against a variety flowers. Used strategically, a hint of metallic brings a modern and sophisticated look to your wedding stationery, table decorations, cakes and jewellery too.



Image via Katiejphoto



2.      Wedding Planning Apps

These days you can do everything on your phone, and planning your wedding is no exception. There are some brilliant apps on the market that help brides keep track of everything from costs, guest lists, seating plans and to-do lists. You can set reminders to organise your wedding stationary, send invites and collect RSVPs. Some of the apps available are almost like having a wedding planner at your fingertips, letting your assign ‘tasks’ to bridesmaids and your fiancé! Wedding guests can even get involved on the day, by uploading their own candid photographs of the big day to the app, allowing the happy couple to relive their day from their guest’s perspective. Anything that makes planning a wedding easier is a good thing, so this is one trend that we don’t see going away anytime soon!

Image courtesy of Debretts


3.      Watercolours

For centuries, artists have used watercolours to depict scenes of love and romance. The free-flowing properties of watercolours make them ideal for painting flowers and whimsical scenes, so it is no surprise that brides and grooms have embraced this as a trend. Think soft washes of beautiful colours and dip-dyed touches on everything from stationery, invitations, cakes and table decorations. This trend is perfect for creating a romantic, elegant yet modern wedding.  



Photo via foundinearth


4.      Bold colours

Celebrating the happiest day of a couples’ life with bold, vibrant colours is a stylish and fun new wedding trend for 2017. Bright corals, purples and pinks pop against the traditional white dress and dark suits.  Some happy couples even opt for colourful wedding attire, keeping the bright and bold trend running through the whole wedding. Don’t be fooled into thinking that bold colours are tacky or hard to work with, brides are creating Pinterest-perfect, beautifully colourful days that remain timeless and elegant.

Image Courtesy of Emilie



5.      Faraway destinations

Finally, one of the key trends that are continuing to grow in 2017 is more and more couples choosing to hop on a plane and travel to exotic locations to tie the knot. Going abroad can often work out cheaper, with reduced guest lists often a more relaxed dress code. Of course, the obvious attraction is the promise of warm sunshine and blue skies on your wedding day! Couples can even celebrate twice, once in a far-flung destination and again at home with friends and family. Double the fun!


Will you be incorporating any of these trends into your wedding?



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