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Foolish mistakes are those mistakes that you might not makeFoolish mistakes do not involve knowledge. You know how the word is written, but for some reason you write it incorrectly. Foolish mistakes arise from the fact that you did not want to do the work or because you were thinking about something completely different when you were doing it. These are mistakes due to inattention, absent-mindedness, haste, due to the fact that your attention has switched inappropriately on something else. Perhaps, you wrote the composition and was very carried away with the transmission of its content? And maybe, during the presentation, you tried to remember too many details? Or were you bored with rewriting the text from the textbook? And it also happens in another way. You try to do the work as best you can. You try your best. And this diligence is leading you. In the Serbian language there is even a special word: super-aging , which means a degree of diligence in which failures occur to people. How does this happen? You are too focused on the result of work. He is very valuable to you. Find out the story of Mitka. Stories from life. History of MitkaFoolish mistakes can be found and corrected in time. Therefore, never close the notebook immediately. Carefully read what you wrote. With your finger, pencil, pen, follow your eyes, fix attention on each syllable, on each letter. Speak to yourself each word slowly and clearly, comparing what you wanted to write with what you got.The peculiarity of stupid mistakes is that they are easy to find. When you get used to checking your mistakes, you will do it quickly. But first take your time. When I wrote this article, I also made some stupid mistakes, but then corrected them in timeacky mistakes:If I had not corrected them, then you could have pitied me without any pity. And I would not be offended by anyone but myself.

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