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For my
previous assignment I was tasked to complete a SWOT analysis and a Personal
development plan, I was also asked to provide and identify all the existing
skills I already have and improve on those skills that need developing. Skills
that are used on a daily basis and also skills that have to be used in a
professional workplace, identifying all these have helped me to gain a better
knowledge of this particular area. This assessment has helped me to identify my
strengths and my weaknesses. It has also helped me to understand what I can and
can’t do. When I started university for my first semester I lacked confidence
and I was a shy person, I feel that this was one of my main weak points. The
reason why I think it has improved is because I feel I have the confidence to approach
different people at my university and make friends with them, and also when I
started doing presentations I feel I communicated well with the members of my
group. This has been possible for me as I set myself targets for me to be able
to improve on them and I feel I have become much more confident than before. I
have been able to improve on weakness that were starting of semester one and I
believe if I can provide SMART objectives for myself it will help me reach the
goal I am aiming for. Being able to turn my weakness into strengths have helped
me know if I try hard anything is possible as Jill says, “identifying a weakness and turning it into a strength”, (2011). This
helps me recognise as an individual I have to work very hard to improve skills
that I am very poor at and turn them into strength so it helps me develop on
others that I may be weak at. Roy suggests “an honest and open disclosure of
strengths and weaknesses is a platform for further development of personal
resources”, (1991).

For my first assessment
on this module, I had to upload my work online, due to my late upload online I
was only marked 40% for my work. This was due to lack of IT skills, I was
frustrated and scared that my work was not going to be marked however I had to
email my tutor and explain the situation and apologize for my late upload. The
tutor accepted my apology because it was my first year and warned me it doesn’t
happen again. To make sure, I have good IT skills I will need to start taking
IT courses which can be done online, go through all courses so it helps me
improve my IT skills. I will need to be able to review them every week to see
how well I am doing and if am doing them correctly, I will also need to check
end of February 2014 to review what I have learnt from the IT courses. I
believe working in a professional workplace will require good IT skills, it will
be valuable to a business so it is important I take IT skills now in order for
me to help me now and in the future. If I improve my IT skills this will help
me with a better knowledge I also be more experienced in working with PCs
Mireille quotes “Intelligence, knowledge or
experience are important and might get you a job, but strong communication
skills are what will get you promoted”, this quote strongly explains these
three skills are combined well together that will be very helpful for future

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Another weakness I feel I have is my incapability to get up and complete
my assignments on time. I will more or less leave them until the last minute. I
feel that the reason for this has more to do with family life and
responsibilities rather than laziness or from just being plain idle. Due to
family commitments I struggle to do my university work on time. To avoid this
for future assignments I will need to avoid family time and spend less time
with friends so that it helps me to focus more on prioritising university work.
I understand that it is important to have a social life; however I feel I need
to balance my time more efficiently. If I continue to work on this I believe I
will be able to turn this weakness into strength. Ferguson talks about how you
can manage your schedule and states four key points how to manage your schedule
one of the points are “make a to-do list”, (2009). This is true in order for me
to be organised I will need to be able to provide and time schedule which will
show me how and when all tasks need to be completed and this will also motivate
me to work hard.


Another weakness I have identified is always being moody, I believe
this is because due to lack of sleep I stay moody when I start early to
university and after I finish university. This has been the biggest
disadvantage to me for the last few months and I feel I need more sleep to be
able to stay happy, healthy and concentrate more at my lectures/seminars. Taylor
says “difficulties with concentration and memory and high levels of fatigue due
to lack of sleep can impact motivation and completion of work”, (2009). This
suggests lack of sleep can also lead to lack of motivation. For me to improve
this I have a timetable scheduled so that it helps me know when I have time for
socialise life, family time, university time and go bed early so that I can
sleep well during the night and help me to stop being moody in the mornings.
This will help me follow my timetable and have a healthy lifestyle. Rahul
quotes “sleep allows your mind and body to rest, recover and recuperate”, this
quote is very effective as it shows me lack of sleep is not good for my body,
my brain as well as body needs enough rest to be able to work through the day.


I believe that during my first semester I have learnt and improved on numerous
skills, I have recognised that my time schedules for coming into University on
time has improved, my organisation skills have also developed as well as my
communication skills have enhanced. I have been working on these skills in
order for me to be able to develop on them and it’s nearly end of semester one
and I believe the weaknesses I was struggling on have become my strengths and
this shows me if I work very hard I can turn anything that I am weak at into
strength. This has only been possible due to the timetable I set myself and I
believe if I continue to follow the timetable it will help me in the future to
be more organised. Lena states “being organised is all about how you function
and about your space be that at work or at home”, (2014). This is correctly
said and I believe if your time is being organised properly it helps being at
home and also outside of home. Again Lena states “getting organised is a
step-by-step process that is easy to follow. It does not involve too much
intellectual thought and if you just pick up one item you have started the
process”, (2014).


For my first semester I was very lazy at the start when it came to do
assignments I did everything last minute however now I feel I have improved in
this skill because for this assessment I have started the work a week before so
that it helps me be more organised and meet my deadline criteria. PDP and SWOT
analysis has helped me identify my weaknesses and also helped me to overcome
them by setting targets and I feel more organised now than before. However in
order for me to do the same in my second semester I will need to also set
targets for myself and make them SMART so that it helps me overcome them like I
did in my first semester.  Neil states “targets
also provide motivation and even inspiration to individuals, while offering the
opportunity for innovation and process improvement”, (1997). The quote is correctly
said as I feel by setting targets for myself it will motivate me to work on
them and also improve on skills that I am weak at. This will also improve my
learning skills, the more skills I improve the better it will be for me either if
it’s at home, university or working professionally. 


By summarising all the key elements, I believe that my main weaknesses
at the moment is IT skills, workaholic and moody. I would like to improve on
these skills by the end of February 2015 and I feel moody is my key weakness as
I have mentioned above because when I have less sleep it lowers my
concentration in my lectures/seminars so this is an important skill for me
which needs improving. I have set myself targets in order for me to be able to
overcome them and I am certain by setting targets for myself will help me
improve on them and turn them into strengths. If I have overcome these skills
end of my second semester I will need to also work on other skills that I am
very weak at next year. I have also participated in many activities in my first
semester for this module that has also helped me find out where I am as an
individual, I feel the Jelly baby tree has helped me identify where I think I
best fit in the branches. This was an inspiring activity that helped me recognise
more about myself and also how far I feel I am at university.


In my first semester it has taught me many skills and I believe I will
be able to use these skills in my second semester as well as in my future
career. This assessment has been a useful activity for me and I feel very
positive now and will be able to face any challenges in my second semester. Paulo
suggests “life
sets us a challenge to test our courage and willingness to change”, this shows me when I challenge myself it
helps me to be able to recognise if I have the courage to face the challenge
and does the challenge change me in any way. By setting targets for myself
helps me challenge myself in order for me to be motivated and work through it
step by step to over them. The main weakness I mentioned above was moody and I
have already started working on it by going to bed early, have enough sleep and
drink plenty of water so that it helps me concentrate more in my lectures and
seminar. I feel happier now and I think this has been a huge difference in my
life and I hope to continue with this in the future so that it helps me
concentrate more and not be moody. 

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