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Found on, This article focuses on recent issues involving the relations between the United States and North Korea. Brad Lendon from CNN tells the readers of this article about the comment made towards President Trump, calling him a “war merchant and strangler of peace” North Korea’s political views on President Trump, and the United States as a whole, since Trump has been elected as president. It is known that the Administration of US President Donald Trump is said to be-reportedly selling weapons to South Korea and Japan in order to increase the United States’ enrichment of weaponry. A week after Pyongyang had fired a test missile over Japan, President Trump claimed that the US would be giving allies more access to these weapons, as he tweeted out on September 5th, “I am allowing Japan & South Korea to buy a substantially increased amount of highly sophisticated military equipment from the United States.”. Along with Trump’s claims, this relates to the complications that were faced during the Revolution before the colonies as a whole, officially gained their independence (July 4th, 1776) with some help from their allies.According to research done by the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute, statistics show that South Korea was the fourth-largest recouping of American-Made weapons from 2011 to 2015. Along with deals made between countries revolving around weaponry. A radio station in California which is known to provide listeners with daily political news (89.7 FM/KCNA) commentary says, “Trump called for a total destruction of our state… and continues to bring nuclear strategic assets into South Korea… pushing the situation on the peninsula to the brink of war.” North Korea, since then has posted a renewed threat to launch missiles towards US territory (Guam). As tensions pick up, spokespersons from Trump’s political team claim that they are going to consider keeping peace with North Korea.During the start of the American revolution, which had eventually led up to the creation and certification of the new Constitution (After which the articles of confederation had failed completely), Americans were desperate for some sort of stable government that still shared some of the same factors as the monarchies of Great Britain had. American opinions and strategies were some of the determining factors as to whether or not creating, and having allies would help them out in the long run. Soon enough, they were able to convince the French to help the, out on their mission, leading to the famous Revolution (along with the many other battles that also contributed to the differentiating opinions and beliefs of Americans). This connects to the recent problems of modern day politics because of the remaining precedent set by Americans during the 18th century, who came together and established a greater good in order to reach their goals.In the end, unknowingly the Americans and their allies would come together to win the war and gain independence, in recent news, i’m hoping that by becoming united with South Korea, Japan, and other countries it will help to lead up to having a greater peace between countries and the people that reside there.

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