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community college for every low income family

Free community college is a good idea, but, as many have
pointed out, this has to be carefully implemented. A community college made all
the difference for students and for many other people who are doctor or have a
higher degree. Not everyone have the money to attend a 4 year college. The
barrier was simply too high. Courses in the four year colleges were too
demanding, and many of us were simply not well prepared for this. Many student
had to attended community not only because it really coats able not only for
grades, but also high school records there were many other students who simply
attended the community college to take advantage of the government grants. Many
of them only hold a BS degree… and there is little supervision. If this
tendency of hiring ad joints is higher in community colleges, I suspect
students will not receive the type of education required for them to be
successful in their careers, and the goal of a free community college education
will be lost. Many students are taking night classes to have to degree or achieve
something in life.

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In the article “Expanding Community
College Access” by Editorial Board  Just like
“Obama Care” many people think that turned into Federal Welfare for the
Insurance Industry, and Obama’s deference to Wall Street and the Banks turned
his Recovery Programs into Welfare for the 1%,but society this will turn
into a  profit Technical Schools that are
ripping-off poor kids and the Government right now. But now our corrupt
Congress will make sure that money goes to the richest players the education of
our populace is a necessity. That is why we have public grade schools and high
schools. So our children can get reasonably educated up to 12th grade. But that
is not good enough anymore.

In another article “New Meaning for Night Class
at 2-Year Colleges” by Abby Goodnough,
Today’s society requires a bachelor’s
degree as a minimum. And that education should not come from paying up to $3,500
for a student’s tuition. It should pay for everything. But community colleges
aren’t good enough to do that job. With the high cost of college, it’s time to
start building local colleges like we do grade schools and high schools. And it
should be free. The private and public universities you have to pay also $40,000
tuition costs. With university presidents making upwards of $5,000,000 a year.  Many social class parents won’t have
the money to send they children to school Those existing schools should remain
for advanced degrees only, so people don’t get saddled with a quarter of a
million dollars in college costs for each of their children.

So I would both support Obama’s initiative and class night class but
would go one big step further. A locally built public school at the college
level could serve two or three communities and the cost could be shared by
those communities equally in property taxes and through federal public funding,
which would have to come from spending cuts in a lot of programs. But education
is probably the most important program any government can provide its citizens.
Tuitions and student debts are continuing to rise faster than any other bubbles
in the economy because they are backed by taxpayers. Many student had live on
their own have to pay for Health care costs insurance and medical care,
education, “affordable housing” all have outpaced costs of living and
economic growth because they are not driven by market demand. In our American
society committed to enhancing the education and personal development of its
citizens should bow to such a plan. Yet, our values are misguided and the
President’s agenda, along with the infantilizing tone of this article, assumes
that community colleges are not doing enough, should only focus on moving
low-income students through the system to fuel an obsessively capitalist
economy, and rigidly prescribe curricula to a new federalized system of
education. The tone is hauntingly familiar of the rhetoric of the President’s
Race to the Top only a few years ago which has left public education wounded
and demoralized. Going to a 4 year or 2 year college doesn’t matter because man
people would still want the same degree and have jobs in the future or they career.
2 year colleges, have been around and functioning for years. And many
people would most like attended just not to have many loan to pay off because
in private college university you have to take loan just attended college. Community
college should focused more on lower class family.


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