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     Frida Kahlo was a famous Mexican painter who was known for expressing her thoughts and feelings onto her paintings. The painting “two Fridas” represent her marriage. It also represents herself as the women she is. Fridas paintings spoke for her when words couldn’t.

   Frida Kahlo married Diego Rivera around 1929; she would pursue Diego’s art and choices. In 1939 Frida and Diego divorced. She was devastated and her emotions were reflected on this painting. She drew two identical Fridas each with a different personality. One of them was described as the “Mexican Frida” which was the women Diego fell in love with. The second one was “European Frida” the new and independent artist who was recognized but also abandoned by her husband.

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   In the painting you can see how their hearts are exposed and how a vein unites them. The Frida in the white dress holds scissors, cutting the veins and blood pouring out. That resembles real sorrow a type of sorrow in which she feels she can bleed from pain. The stormy sky filled with agitated clouds may reflect Fridas inner turmoil.

    Frida would always paint what she felt. “I never painted dreams… I painted my own reality… I paint whatever passes through my head without any consideration”.  There are many quotes in which Frida explains her work. “I’ve done my paintings well, not quickly but patiently and they have a message of pain in them”. She didn’t use words to explain what was happening to her; she used symbols and pictures, after all a picture is worth 1000 words.

    The point of “two Fridas” is learning she’s better off on her own. In the picture both women are holding hands. She accepted she was the only one who understood her. She started to gain self love of who she is. Realizing she wasn’t going to get anything done crying over the past.

   Overall Frida drew pictures to explain what she was dealing with. After an incident in her life she was devastated and depressed. At the same time she learned to accept herself for who she was. She helped herself move on. Frida had an ambivalent attitude towards womanhood and fertility.

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