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. How does obesity affect our life ?

 Obesity levels 
are on the rise within upcoming generations and if current trends
continue, the predictions for future health of children would not hopeful. It
is indicated that this could be the first generation where children die before
their parents as a result of obesity ( the House of Commons Health Committee,
2004). Obese children and teenagers suffer from both short-term and long-term
social and psychological troubles, and also health impacts.

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First of all, the social problems owning to obesity are putting great
pressure on emotional development of children and adolescents. Overweight and
obese children are more likely to have difficulty in crowded places, especially
when facing social gatherings. They will become the center of attention, lots
of surrounding people taunt and poke fun of them. Some of children suffer from
discrimination and stigmatization when studying at school that brings about
many emotional problems like anxiety, fear and depression. In the relationships
of friends, the presence of overweight people makes them feel ashamed and
uncomfortable. Due to the these problems, obese children become alone and they
hide themselves in their cocoons ( How obesity affects your life, 2013, para.
2). They are not treated equally as normal people, even in some cases they are
also discriminated. Therefore, those children have very few friends, if having,
many of their friends would be children with the same disease that leads to
negative reactions to psychology, learning achievements as well as personality
development into adulthood. Accordingly, they needs a lot of confidence to face
the world with obesity. It is reported that ” children who are overweight have
two to four times increased odds of having low scores for psychosocial health,
self-esteem, and physical functioning” (Friedlander et al., 2003) . Another
study also indicated  that obese children
and adolescents have significant impairment in physical, psychosocial,
emotional, social, and school functioning, which was 5.5 times more than that
for normal
ones (Schwimmer et al., 2003). These destructive factors above,  children and teenagers with weight problems
may have fewer opportunities in school, and smaller social circle as a
consequence, they have less education, lower incomes and higher poverty

  What’s more, overweight and obesity lay
negative influences on physical health and living quality. This disease is one
of the chief reasons for lots of diseases such as cardiovascular, hypertension,
diabetes and some types of cancer. Obese people tend to be more fatigued when
working than those with normal weight which leads to low productivity. In some
cases, obesity also affects respiratory matters. “The only published estimate
of the prevalence of sleep apnea among obese children and adolescents suggests
that sleep apnea occurs in ?7% of obese children”(William, H.
D., 1998, para. 32). In addition, people who 
carry excess weight are at risk for high blood pressure and unhealthy
cholesterol levels. This is very dangerous, it leads to stroke and causes
cardiovascular disease. Compared with slim-fit people, overweight ones are
likely into stroke up to 22%. For obese children and teenagers, the increased
risk grows to 64%, which is analyzed from 25 studies involving more than two
million people. (Stroke, 2010). Furthermore, obesity is associated with
diabetes that is the reason why the overwhelming majority of people having
excess weight suffer from diabetes. Without timely treatment for diabetes,
there are a lot of serious consequences, such as kidney failure and blindness. 

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