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“From America’s Constitution: A Biography” explains the Constitution in detail as well as including the meaning behind everything said in the Constitutions text. It tells of how the Constitution was an idea that turned into reality that also had flaws along with it. The text explains the complicated ratification process, along with showing numbers to prove how close the votes were. This piece has a very good explanation of how the Constitution is what it is today, and how it became one of the most important pieces in America’s history.
The second piece, “The United States Constitution: A Graphic Adaptation,” has a different approach than the first piece does. The format is written in comic book form that includes illustrations and different panel pieces. It also tells more about the first ten amendments and their place in our government, along with the people’s rejections to the Constitution.
The two pieces both give a detailed description of the constitutions and how it came to be, along with all of its struggles and flaws. When looking for a thorough account of the Constitution, I would definitely choose, “From America’s Constitution: A Biography,” as it explains the original need for the constitutions along with the lengthy and complicated ratification process. “The United States Constitution: A Graphic Adaptation,” gave more of a memorable account of the Constitution as it uses pictures and puts it together in a story form rather than a traditional factual text piece.

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