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From the article “Unemployment, prices to
rise in 2016, think tank says” by Syed Jaymal Zahiid, published in the
Malaymail Online and the article “Rising unemployment could ‘retard’ economic
growth” by Billy Toh, appeared in The Edge Financial Daily, we can summarize
that the increasing of the unemployment rates in year 2016 is causes by the
high cost of living, lack of social experience and communication skill among
the young graduate, and negative sentiment among the consumers.


In my opinion, to reduce the unemployment
rates in Malaysia, the government and her people should works together to
ensure the success of this goal. First, the government need to increase the
employability among the young graduate by building more industries, encouraging
entrepreneurship or self-employment, thereby creating more job opportunities.
With the higher job opportunities, the young graduates can find a job easily
that will helps to decrease the unemployment rates in the Malaysia.

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Secondly, the government can cooperate
with the education institution to provide access to basic education such as
improving standard of work education, industrial training internship course, inculcating
the spirit of creativity, communication skill, leadership and management skill,
and ITs skills to the youth, to ensure their skills are relevant to the changes
in technology. This could also give the young graduates the opportunity to
learn more about the job scope in the future. The government should also reduce
the retirement age. When the retirement age is higher will lead to the lower proportion
of workers in young graduates and higher proportion of works in the older
workers. This will lead to many of the young graduates difficult on find a job and
cause to the increasing in the unemployment rates.


Thirdly, the youth also must change their
attitude toward the job. Youth must have the positive minded, try to be
creative and positively competitive, hardworking, and keep up their
professional contacts. Business organisation always selected the employees who
are with the critical skill, high performances, and able to get to
communication well with others, so that youth must be able to improve their knowledge,
always be prepared, commit to learning and improving themselves by
participating in educational experiences such as classes or training, reading
specialist publications, researching info on relevant websites, and so on.

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