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the figure above we can see there three basic plans inside Netflix
services, and all plans are offering their user for unlimited access to TV
shows and movies. The first one is the cheapest plan where the user can enjoy
the service on only one screen at a time and in standard definition. Also, it
allows the user to download video from Netflix to their device but limited to 1
device only. The second plan is the better version of the first plan. It allows
their user to enjoy their countless TV shows and movies on two screens at a
time. In this plan, Netflix upgraded the quality of the video from standard
definition (SD) into high definition (HD). It means the user can enjoy the
better quality of their videos also it allows the user to download videos on
two devices. The third plan is the highest services Netflix can provide to
their customers. With this plan, Netflix allows their user to use the services
on four screens at the same time. Also, Netflix gives their user access to
enjoy the video in the highest quality by providing both High definition (SD)
and Ultra High Definition (UHD). Beside that Netflix will allow their customers
to download videos on four devices. 

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