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“Gender identity is undoubtedly one of the most important issues in design today.”- A. Rawsthorn (National Museum of Women in the Arts (2016)The present research topic derives directly from Unit 8’s essay titled  ‘A woman’s touch and the female sensibility in graphic design’ (2017) in which I was questioning whether there was a distinction between works done by Women and Men graphic designers , both in the making and how they were perceived by the audience. Although the findings I came across have been interesting and important in informing my future design practice, I felt I was missing something bigger because I was only “looking at the finger pointing at the moon”.I ended up not wanting to analyze the differences but rather looking at possibilities of questioning the existence of gender itself. I strongly felt that challenging the structure of gender would only bring benefit by solving many problems at once:  binarisms, inequality and patriarchy.  The question became: do we need gender equality or gender abolishment? I wanted the moon. And I wanted to find who else was looking at the moon as well, particularly in the design field.”The idea that the subject is not a pre-existing, essential entity and that our identities are constructed, means that it is possible for identities to be reconstructed in ways that challenge and subvert existing power structures.” (Salih,  2002, p.11)                                                                            God is dead(reference 3) In 1882, Nietzsche in his Gay Science was writing that “God is dead”. With this short statement Nietzsche was meaning to underline the vast importance of religion in society and how that came to an end when philosophy and science showed that the world was in no need of the divine anymore, giving space to uncertainty but also new possibilities that helped us progress to the state of things in which we live today.

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