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Engineering is a useful yet risky tool that scientist are learning more about
through the development of research. It is stated that we have the potential to
alter our genes for the benefit of our health and the upcoming generations. Despite
the beneficial factors that genetic engineering comes with, it also possesses
various dangerous consequences.

            Genetic Engineering can be thought
of by altering the genes for the benefit of a human, animal or plant. One
benefit could possibly be defeating diseases. There are numerous diseases that
can affect our immune system. With the aid of altering our genes we can resist
the threat that they possess against us. One example is Cystic Fibrosis, there
is no cure currently for the disease. But with the help of selective genetic
engineering we could possibly cure ourselves. Another example would be the use
of genetic modification prior to birth. Doctors can detect certain
characteristics such as down syndrome before the baby has left the mother. To be
able to fix that would be a dramatic shift in the world we live in today. It is
not uncommon for families to decide to abort the unborn child simply because
the child may have a birth defect. It would increase the likelihood that children
would be born healthy. Lastly, genetic engineering could enable us to live
longer. It is believed that the average male would live until 50 years old
during the 1900’s. With the help of advanced technology, we have improved the
average to be 75 years old. We could expect genetic engineering to help our
life expectancy even more. We could create desirable features that we want for
our child to have. Scientist have brushed the topic by showing how the use of
steroids (a pharmaceutical drug) can produce a desirable trait of having a
muscular figure. Although it is not necessarily ‘gene editing’ they describe it
as gene doping. They explain that this has the same effect that genetic
engineering could have except gene editing would be much more enhanced.

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            In contrast, genetic engineering
could possess ethical problems and even surface serious consequences. Many
religious people believe that god made you a certain way for a reason and that
should not be something you should interfere with. It is also believed by some,
that illness is a positive thing in life because it keeps the world from
overpopulating. They support their standpoint by explaining how living longer
could create social problems in the world today by increasing the supply and
demand of our resources. With the discussion of genetic engineering on the
horizon, some may argue that it is absurd because of the possibility of physical
defects. If a genetic edit were to go wrong what if a child could not speak
correctly or could not walk properly.  We
could all agree that safety is a major concern when dealing with altering
someone’s cellular reproduction system. Scientist have not proven that it is
completely safe and they still have plenty to learn about the human body. One
question may be what if we manage to cure one disease but introduce something
else that is more dangerous? Furthermore, there is a possibility that we could
develop an antibiotic resistance of disease causing organisms. Lastly, genetic engineering
would make us more similar which is likely to be detrimental on our genetic
diversity. If we are all the same how could we progress? How will we be
introduced to different illnesses?

            In the debatable question of
allowing scientist to genetic enhance our genes or not, there is a fine line we
must establish to progress as a society. I firmly believe that if scientist
could prove that they could genetically engineer our genes safely it would
result in a positively in our world today. Although there is many reasons not
to trust the process of genetic modification, it is our duty to have faith in bringing
for change. I would recommend that scientist should prove that genetic
engineering can be handled in research through animals before they attempt to
do it to humans. Genetic Engineering could take us to the next level
scientifically and it is essential that we keep in mind the highly moral
aspects when doing so.


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