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Gmail is the most usable mail service which developed by the Google and full form of Gmail is Google Mail, as already we see in our last articles where we see How do I remove a Gmail or Email account from my Android play store mobile phone ?, How To Add or Change Signature in Gmail Account By Computer Mobile Iphone, How To Upload Add An Image Or Logo In Gmail As Signature, and How To Find Creation Date Of My Gmail Account with Interesting Facts.Gmail: How to Set Gmail Account On Automatic ReplyNow We will see How to Set Gmail Account On Automatic Reply ?, Here I will explain in lucid manner to set Gmail Account on Vacation mode,  If you’ll be away from your Gmail account, like on a vacation or without access to the Internet, you can set up a vacation respond to automatically notify people that you won’t be able to get back to them right away. When people send you a message, they will receive an email response containing what you have written in your vacation auto reply.Gmail Account On Automatic Reply:If You want to set Gmail Account On Automatic Reply, You have to follow these step. Let’s have a look-Step 1- Open your “Gmail” Account.Step 2- When you log-in your gmail account, You can see In the top right, “Settings” option where you have to click on it. In ‘Older Gmail’ Version you can see signature option direct when you click on setting option but in ‘Standard Gmail’ version you have do one more step as show in figure.Left Image Show Older Version and Right Image Show Standard VersionStep 3- Now In both version (Older and Standard), In General Setting option- Scroll down to the “Vacation Responder” icon.Step 4- Now click on the “Vacation Responder On”, and set “First day” to “Last Day”, “Subject” and Fill the “Message”How Set Vacation Mode On Gmail Accountbox, Whatever you want to write and set as a automatic message reply. Here you can also include “Image, Link and file” as shown in above figure.Note: If you have a Gmail signature, it will be shown at the bottom of your vacation response. If you want to off your automatic reply mode you can click on “Vacation Responder Off”.Your automatic reply starts at 12:00 AM on the start date and ends at 11:59 PM on the end date, unless you end it earlier. In most cases, your vacation response is only sent to people the first time they message you.Set Automatic Reply By Your Android/Iphone Device:If you want to set automatic reply by your mobile device then you have to follow these step.Step 1- Download Gmail App and login you account.Step 2- In the left top corner, Click on tap menu “Three Horizontal Line”.Step 3- Now Scroll to the bottom and click on the “Setting”.Step 4- Now you will See “Vacation Responder” icon, Touch on it and press “ON”.Step 5- At last fill the message box and Save.Step 6- No more Step Dude, Just Enjoy the Automatic Vacation Mode of Gmail, Have a Nice Day.I hope, This article helpful for you.

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