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morning/afternoon Mrs Haryani and fellow members of Year 11,


topic of abolishing the 457-working visa will be the focus of my oral
presentation. Well, first of all what even is this 457 visa? An employee
sponsored temporary visa commonly knows as 457 is a visa that a business or
firm provides to employ foreign workers for a period up to 4 years in skilled
jobs where there is a shortage of Australian workers. This
visa allows you to: work in Australia for a defined period of time, bring
members of your family unit to work or study in Australia and travel
in and out of Australia as ?often as you want. In a way, it provides benefits
all over if we look at it, but in the end, the betterment of our nation comes
first and then others.

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it may sound really cool and helpful, this is not working out for our fellow
Australians. These overseas people can come into the country and obtain a job
easily and the Australians can’t really do much about it. The majority of the
457 visa holders were from India, which accounted for almost a quarter of the
intake, followed by the UK and China at 19.5 and 5.8% respectively.


total numbers of 457 visa holders peaked in 2012-13 (126,000 primary and secondary
visa holders). In 2015-16, the number was down to 86,000 but this is still a
large amount.

when we look at the nominated occupations filled by 457 visa holders, we find
cooks, nurses and restaurant managers among the top groups. Others include developer
programmer, marketing specialist, information and communications technology,
business analyst and software engineers.



So on 18
of April 2017, Prime Minister Malcom Turnbull announced that the Temporary Work
(Skilled) visa (subclass 457) will be abolished under the rhetoric of
“Australia First” and replaced with the completely new Temporary
Skill Shortage (TSS) visa in March 2018. In many cases, the 457 visa
resulted in a migration outcome, but in the new temporary skilled shortage visa
specifically designed to recruit the best and the brightest in the national
interest and will not allow permanent residency at its conclusion.



opposition leader Bill Shorten says it’s time to find jobs for unemployed
Australian workers first. He quotes, “What we need to do here is
prioritise Australian jobs first. We need to arrange proper funding for
apprenticeships, giving young people the opportunity to fulfil their



So we can
come to a conclusion that abolishing the 457 visa was a very good decision for
our nation and this will be definitely provide the upcoming generation with
more job opportunities and success. Australia is the most successful
multicultural nation in the world. We are an immigration nation, but the fact
remains the same : Australian workers must have priority for Australian jobs.


Australia’s youth has much better schooling, trades, training and university
education, there would be no need for 457 visas in our country as businesses
wouldn’t need people from outside of Australia to come and work for them.


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