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Good are objects that are made or grown that can be used or consumed. Some goods are manufactured like clothes, cars and computers; other goods are grown such as fruits and vegetable. Most goods are made from natural resources. For example, trees are used to make pencils, paper, furniture, houses, etc. However, there’s two goods known as consumer and producer. Consumer goods are wants or needs of someone such as food, home, car, or clothing. Producer goods are the machinery or other equipment used in manufacturing, in other words it’s the products used to make consumer goods. For example, plants, machinery, factories, etc.
A service, on the other hand, are actions or activities that one person performs for another. For example, bus drivers, dentists, firefighters, librarians, teachers, police officers, etc. It’s an activity carried out for someone else that can only be delivered at a particular moment. In fact, services cannot be owned but can only be utilized. Services are intangible items that cannot be touched or seen. Unfortunately, services cannot be exchanged once they have been provided. Companies and people provide services that result in goods. For example, farmers provide the service of planting the food that people purchase and consume.
For this project I will create a good that will sweeten your day, chocolate covered strawberries. The combination of strawberries and chocolate will make you an addict to these amazing treats. These sweet, juicy, and delightful strawberries can be ideal for anyone. Perhaps these treats can be the perfect gift for your loved ones. Mainly because Valentine’s day is approaching and what better way to give chocolate covered strawberries to your valentine than giving them a teddy bear that perhaps they might not enjoy.
In fact, doing chocolate covered strawberries on a regular basis has convinced me to do it as a good. Majority of the time I do the strawberries in the weekends for events, parties, and candy bars. It’s a great good that is easy to make and convenient.

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