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Growing up in a Haitian family, education was strongly emphasized, like the American culture. People from both countries believe in education and say that a college education will open doors. Therefore, my goal was not to disappoint my parents or anyone else who believed in me.
After completing high school in Haiti, I made my way through college studying computer science. A few years later my parents felt it was necessary to move my five siblings and me to the United States to once again be one family. I moved here with the intention of continuing my education and the pursuit of the American dream. Although my desire was there, the language barrier prevented me from pursuing an education in the U.S. I decided I wasn’t going to let the language barrier stand in my way. I paused for a year while I took a full time job, and decided to return to school and study accounting.
I actually returned to school while working a graveyard shift at my full-time job and having my first child along the way. Although, I completed my undergraduate degree, but I still feel a void and realize that I need to complete my master’s degree. Now the time has come, and I feel ready to take this next step in my life.
Working as a supervisor for Atlas Air for thirteen years sparked my interest in the business world. Business fascinates me, not only because it makes companies so competitive, but because it helps students like me to obtain additional education and reach our career goals. These have inspired me to continue on with my educational journey and the same passion I used during my undergraduate education to acquire an MBA.
While monetary rewards are of real-world importance, true job satisfactions originate from the opportunity to grow and learn within an industry. I take pleasure in obtaining new skills and information, which help me adapt to the fast changing world, as well as stimulate my interest in innovation. In addition, a career to open possibilities would give me constant incentives to improve myself and to gain more knowledge. Given the convergence of my personal and professional interests, my goal is to obtain a master’s degree and then to become an entrepreneur which will give me the opportunity to make a difference and help others.
I have thoroughly enjoyed college and believe that graduate school is the right subsequent step. Both my experience in college and my full time jab have changed me as a person. They have given me a greater sense of accomplishment. I have opened up to people more am now and improved team player as I have learned to listen to others and analyze their opinions. I have learned to be more accepting of other cultures and beliefs and that I am much more much open-minded. I understand with the right educational experience such as the one provided by your school’s MBA program; I would learn the skills necessary to thrive in the entrepreneurship industry. I also know as a student in your prestigious program, I would also benefit your school and university through my research and field ventures during this time. I hope you will find that I am a good match for your graduate school as I was in your undergraduate.

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