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     Harriet Tubman was born in 1820 in Dochester, Maryland. Harriet did her share of female jobs but she also stood side by side with men on the battlefield. As a teenager in 1835 Harriet helped another slave from being killed by two men who chased him down the road  and they asked Harriet to help tie the slave down and Harriet said no.  But while Following the death of her owner, in 1849 Harriet made a big decision to escape to a better life in Philadelphia. But on this trip she could risk getting sick and end up dead before she makes it to Philadelphia.During the trip the Tubman’s noticed a reward of $300 was put in a magazine for the return of Araminta, Harry and Ben. While her brothers turned around to head back thinking they risked to much, Harriet had the courage to keep traveling on nearly 90 miles to Philadelphia on foot! But making it to Philadelphia was not very safe so Harriet used the Underground Railroad. While Harriet was living a free life all she could think about were her brothers living back in Maryland as slaves. Harriet took on an even bigger mission than herself walking th Philadelphia, She was going to take hundreds of other slaves and she was going to the Underground Railroad as the escape way to freedom for hundreds. She thought lots about her big decision to help others make their way to freedom, but she did not have a doubt about this plan. So she started on her journey back to Maryland to help all the other slaves. Little did Tubman think of but she would make 19 trip back and forth from slave-holding states to Philadelphia. Harriet finally made it back to the slave holding states and had to be very careful because she had a bounty on her head for also being an escaped slave herself. She visited many plantations, but only took eleven slaves the first time. Harriet made this trip so many times that she became a conductor of the Underground Railroad.

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